Oct 27, 2006

For new bloggers...

For new readers:

Our blog started in October of 2006 after Ian Murphy was in a very serious car accident and suffered a tramuatic brain injury. We have shared his story since then, from ICU, to a rehabilitation center, and to his home. The main authors have been Steve, his dad, and Larissa, his girlfriend.

In August of 2009, Steve was diagnosed with brain cancer and was given a prognosis of 14 months to live. He survived for seven weeks and went to be with His savior on October 8.

We, Ian and Larissa, were blessed to get married on Steve's birthday, 8/28/10, to begin a newer life together. Our Murphy family still all lives in the same town, surrounded with beautiful friends, nieces and nephews.

We have been blessed with good biblical teaching and we know that God is sovereign. It is His will for Ian to be afflicted. We know that because Jesus died for us, God will one day receive us into glory. We are promised Christ- and so we eagerly await eternity with him.

Our church, our friends, and people who don't even know Ian, and now Steve, have been incredibly supportive and have been praying non-stop. God has already made this a positive experience for so many people, and he will continue to teach us great things about himself through Ian and Steve's suffering.

Thank you for reading our story. And thank you for praying.

(We can be reached at prayforian@gmail.com)


Natalie said...

I live in Virginia and attend Liberty University. I heard about Ian's accident through Heather Hartnett, a member of your church. I just want to let you know I am praying for Ian constantly. I am absolutely amazed and so encouraged that the Murphy family has been so faithful to God throughout this situation. From what I have read in this blog, you have all grown so much closer to your Heavenly Father, which is the way it should be. God bless you all and Ian. My family and friends are praying for him daily.

To God be the glory.

Anonymous said...

Hi,We are from Crossway Church of Lancaster. We have been praying for all of you. Thanks for the blog. We read it very day and pray. Wednesday night at Home Group we took time to pray for all of you. We praise God that we can be apart of your joy and suffering.
It is wonderful how God has put us in His family to carry each others burdens.:-)

Praise His Holy Name!!!

Richard and Lois Sensenig

Jessica Stahl said...

I am a nursing student at IUP, where a friend, Jan McKelvy told me the Ian's story. I just wanted to reach out and tell all of his beloved friends and family, that Ian is in my prayers.

It is because of patient's like Ian, with a will to fight and survive; and the family and friends he has that inspired me to pursue a career in nursing.

God Bless you all!

Faith Peluso said...

I used to attend Living Hope out in Harrisburg and was friends with a number of people at LOL - I was websurfing tonight and hopped onto LOL's webpage (something I haven't looked at in years!), read the weekly announcements, and here I am now.

I can't even express how encouraged I am by this blog. The faith and strength of the Murphy family and extended church family is amazing and truly an example.

My prayers will be with the family and Ian and you can be sure I will be sharing this story with several others, who, although they don't know any of you or have any connection other than several degrees of separation, will I think be encouraged by your faithful example as well.

Blessings and strength to you all. You are recording the day by day process of a heavenly miracle, and although we may not always see it in the small moments, to be able to look back and see how God has worked is truly amazing!

Robert said...

Dear family and friends of Ian, I am a friend of Anthony Frazier and have followed Indiana County music the past four or five years or so. Certainly I recall Ian from the group, "Knucklehead." I would list Homecoming 1945 as my favorite song of theirs. I just happened upon this page and the news of Ian's accident last evening. While I am saddened by everything that I have read, I still cannot help but to be touched and even greatly encouraged by the love and support that this fine young man has received. We need to remember the proverb that states with God all things are possible. I am also at once reminded of the tragic accident of another young rock star 40 years ago named Jan Berry (from Jan and Dean). He suffered very similar injuries and though it was a very long road back, he did make it. Ian will be included in my prayers.

Love and mercy, and keep the faith!

Elaine said...

I attend Eastern University near Philly and once came to your church with Beth Altrogee.I even had homemade pizza at the Versace's and look back at my pictures that day and see the joy in everyones eyes..the joy you all still posess through this time. You have encouraged me even in my rough times and pray God continues to give you strength...for "His Grace is sufficient in our weaknesses".
Lots of Love...Elaine

Anonymous said...

When I heard this story, I was shocked. I pray for Ian, who loves God, so God loves him and saves and blesses his life. May God protect and bless him --


Anonymous said...

I am a a practicing Muslim. I have been praying for you, Ian. I know that you love God, so God loves you and saves and blesses you. Your love of God pays off -- I will go on praying for you -- God bless.


Penny Penguin said...

My heart is breaking for all of you! Steve married us over 9 years ago now. We have missed seeing your whole family each week in church. We are praying fervently for all of you. God bless!

New Heights said...

I will be praying for Ian. God is not only sovereign but he is all powerful. 1 Peter 2:24 says, "By His stripes you were healed." That is past tense, God carried Ian's physical problems on the cross and I will pray for him to be healed in Jesus name.


Anonymous said...

It is possible to tell, this exception :)

Jamie Parks said...

Wow. I was told of this story by a friend who heard it on Moody. What is so incredible are the similarities between this and the story of my wife (then fiancee) and me. She suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car accident nearly 23 years ago and nearly died. It took 7 months for her to learn to speak again and we waited 7 years until she was strong enough to walk with help down the aisle at our wedding. 5 years later, the Lord decided to increase our family by one and Lynn gave birth to our daughter, Annalyn. There was a documentary done about us a little over a year ago after Lynn and I completed the Boston Marathon with me pushing her in a racing wheelchair. I'm sorry to be rambling but I rarely ever run across someone who has been "in my shoes." We have a website www.Lynjame.com and are both on Facebook (Jamie Parks and Lynn McGovern Parks). It would be great to talk to you sometime.

Take care and God bless

Celeste said...

Wow - thank you for sharing your story. My husband and I will celebrate our 17th anniversary this Sunday. This Sunday, I will also be flying to St Jude hospital with our youngest daughter who was diagnosed with a brain tumor years ago. Someone posted a link to your story on Facebook. I am so thankful I took the time to watch. God is using you both to touch so many lives.
Love and prayers to your whole family.

Patrick said...

Hi Larissa and Ian,

We will probably never meet this side of heaven but after watching your story on the Desiring God website I wanted to thank you and encourage you both how you have displayed the glory of Christ in your marriage.

You've both kept the *main thing* the main thing in the situation the LORD has given you. God has given you both one life to live for Him and you're living for Him so brightly in this darkened world.

I also was encouraged by Caleb's letter regarding how Ian despite his limited abilities is still able to spiritually lead you Larissa in your marriage. Praise God for his grace.

Keep updating the blog and may you both continue to walk, enjoy, and share about how "the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies NEVER come to an end; they are NEW every morning; GREAT is your faithfulness!" (Lam 3:22-23)

Anonymous said...

Where do you all live? Have you heard of Joni Eareckson Tada's ministry, "Joni and Friends," (I should ask, have you heard of Joni Eareckson Tada?)Her ministry team provides week long retreats in I think 14 different locations throughout the summer, for people with disabilities, and their families. It provides respite for the caregiver, and relaxation and fellowship in Jesus for all. Check them out. www.joniandfriends.org would love to get to know the two of you on a non-fan basis. i.am.a.cna@windstream.net

Anonymous said...

Hi Ian and Larissa,

My name is Carol and I am from Brazil. I just wanna say that God spoke to me through your life, guys.
And, guess what your video has been traslate to portuguese.
god has been glorified in your marriage.

God bless you.

Jenn Kimmel said...

I was incredibly blessed tonight in reading this blog and i've already shared it with many. Your story has reminded me of God's call for life and marriage and has both strongly convicted and encouraged me. Sincere thanks for sharing your testimony of the Lord's goodness.

Jenn Kimmel said...

I was incredibly blessed tonight in reading this blog and i've already shared it with many. Your story has reminded me of God's call for life and marriage and has both strongly convicted and encouraged me. Sincere thanks for sharing your testimony of the Lord's goodness.

Jenn Kimmel said...

I just want to thank you for sharing your story. I just heard about your blog today and have already shared it with many friends. Your testimony has both strongly convicted and encouraged me and i am thankful for the opportunity to be reset in my thinking of what is most important in life and marriage. Thanks for sharing, God is working in many lives through you.

seaanchor said...

hi im raffy from philippines i just watch your video in pastor paolo punzalan blog so amaze me abt your definition of love it is really unconditionally i we will always pray for ian and you as well. heavenly father kindly bless and guide ian and larissa on their day to day living and in jesus name.

Jacky said...

Hi I'm from South Africa and I'm truly inspired by your story, you guys have touched the hearts of many people and have opened our eyes once again to how great our God is and how wonderful it is that Jesus works in ways that we will never understand, but we should only believe that his way is the best way!!! and have the courage to never give up.

Anonymous said...

I don't really know what to say. When I began watching the video, I felt the Holy Spirit just give me peace. I pray for you. I can only imagine the hard days. The days when only emotion takes over, and your hearts ache. I know that in your hearts there is also peace in knowing the God is in control. That twisted feeling of not knowing how to feel hurts... sad, happy, confused, on your knees begging God to give you whatever you need to survive. I can't imagine how your situation looks on a daily basis, but I know this: God has given you L. and family the heart to love and care for Ian in a way that only YOU can. He has given Ian to you to bless you, to make you smile, and to bring HIS NAME glory. Your situation reminds me so much of when Paul talks about the only good in himself coming from the Lord. Ian's filled with the Lord's goodness, and so are you. You've touched me in a special way. I pray for God's ABUNDANT blessings on both you! Thank you for being a utensil used for "every good work."

Heather said...

Dear Beautiful Couple of God,

You are an inspiration and a blessing to many. Know that your story has touched our hearts here in Canada, and that we are praying for you.

Love, Heather

denise said...

3 For this is the will of God, your sanctification.
-1 Thessalonians 4:3

Truly the Lord sanctifies you in His perfect love. Your lives together beautifully display the great, sovereign, perfect love of our Great God. He sancitifies you in love and in His faithfulness.

Thank you for sharing your story.
In Jesus,
Denise Ho

nicolalosik said...

I am so overwhelmed by the character of the Lord that is seen in your marriage and the glory of Jesus that resounds in your hearts. It's impacted my walk with the Lord and how good He is even in the valleys is echoing in my soul.
The word love is overused, but when it is Agape in nature, it is beautiful. You have challenged me and one day I hope that in my marriage I will learn to love like you & Ian do, which is ultimately how Jesus does. Thank you.

Andra said...

I read you story on John Piper's blog. May the Lord bless you and Ian!
P.S. My birthday is 08.28 also! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank God for you Larissa and Ian. Since yerstaday i remmember and pray for you. The Holly Spirit have made a big work in my heart by your video. I'm from Russia. By God's grace i hope this video will be translated into Russian. I've already send it to some my friends. And i'm shure that people in Russia will pray for you too.By a way Larissa is commone name in Russia.
You are the great vitnesses of God's grace.

joytoall said...

Thank God for you. Since yerstaday i remmember and pray for you. I'm from Russia. I hope your video will be translated into Russian. And people here will pray for you too. Thank you for you faifullness. By a way Larissa is a commone name in Russia.You are a great vitnesses of God's grace.

An said...

hello, I saw your story on desiring God and was moved to tears. Not only because of the accident, but by your faithfulness and incredible demonstration of true and pure kingdom love. Please let Ian know I am praying, and praying that he will be able to walk (as per his request).

So much love in Christ to you both, An.

Genevieve Thul said...

Ian and Larissa,
I've added you guys to my prayer list. I was very touched by your wedding video - especially so because both I and my daughter have had brain injuries. I fainted after heart surgery and broke a toilet with my head and had a brain bleed. Although I am not considered disabled, and have regained most of my function, it still affects me intellectually and in my expressive language skills today. My daughter had a brain infection at age 3 and then her brain lost most of it's myelin afterwards. She still has balance, motor, and emotional/behavioral delays and disabilities at 5 1/2. I thought you might find some joy and encouragement at my blog:
here is a link to one of my posts about my own recovery - http://www.turquoisegates.com/2010/07/inside-there-is-silver.html - and a link to the page about my daughter's illness and continuing recovery - http://www.turquoisegates.com/p/amelias-illness.html.
Love in Christ to you both!

Natalia Garrigo said...

There s a version in spanish of your video in desiring God, and today I saw it.
My name is Natalia I m living in Chile, and from this moment you are in my prayer list. Keep focus on Christ Con mucho amor
Proverbios 3

Shâmara Amorim said...

Hi Larissa and Ian
My name's Shâmara, I'm from Brazil and I'll marry next year. Watching the video with your history, I and my boyfriend learn so much things about the marriage. Thank you for all, you and Ian are examples about true love in God! Sorry my English is so poor! God bless you.
Please, contact me: shamara.amorim@gmail.com

raquel said...

Hi guys!
My name is Raquel I'm from Spain. I saw your video by facebook, is really touching. I thanks God that He glorify Himself in you both, you are an example, a blessing, a living 1 Corinthias 13.
Thank you for loving Christ as you do, thank you for sharing.
I'm getting marry in two months and you story really made me thing again about what marriage means primary.
Prayers and love in Christ.
Psalm 20

Jacob Wells said...

What a beautiful couple. I am a 37 year old man and I cried like a baby when I saw your video. You are an amazing example of love and commitment. I started crying when Ian stood up at the wedding. Then I cried harder when he said,"Hi wifey I love you." Then I absolutely came unglued when He said God is Awesome.

God is Awesome and so many other words that can't explain the amazingness of God. I will be praying for Ian to make a FULL RECOVERY. No less. I pray the blood of Jesus Christ poured over you both and that Ian's brain be healed to perfection. Thank you for stirring my heart.

Jacob Wells

Anonymous said...

Your story inspired me since I am a 20-something adult with a brain injury. I love God too, and He is our Helper! Life is so hard, but each life is special. May you find blessings in each day. -Joy

Joanna Wright said...

I live in Bristol, England with my husband Matt and two children, Rebekah 8 and Mikey 7. Larissa, I think you are amazing. Could quote tons of scripture but shan't. I am embarrassed for getting so annoyed with my pathetic moans and groans when I have nothing to moan about really. Please if you ever fancy a trip to the UK drop me a line, we will spoil you both rotten, cream teas, the works.

Love from Jo and Matt xxx
My lovely sister in law Rachael sent me your link and I know she has been moved as much as me. Keep on keeping on girl friend, it's ok to feel pants, remember Jesus is the King of feeling pants! xx

Mike said...

Your story is very moving. It makes me grateful for what I have. Ian and Steve are strong people.

Bruna said...

Hello Larissa
My name is Bruna I live in Brazil, I'm from Rio de Janeiro, but came to Old Town which is in the state of Espírito Santo two years ago and here I met the Lord, I converted, I met my husband and we married 7 months! I also study psychology and 25 years.
I watched the video of his story with Ian for some time with my husband and was undoubtedly one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen in my life.
The story of Christ reflects you and I feel very touched when I read the blog or watch the video again.
Me and my husband (called Cicero) love the picture of gratitude, we put one in our room!
I pray for you and for the Lord to make it grow in grace and always deem to you and you to the wedding of His joy.
May God bless you. May you continue to reflect Christ in your life.
Really I lack words to say what I felt to see the video and what to say to you.
Sorry for the mistakes in English.
Stay with God
A kiss, Bruna

rbbamburg said...

Hey, I can completely relate to you. My wife has been in a wheelchair since she was about to years old and diagnosed with CP. Also had her hip dislocated, which led to a form of scoliosis. Even with the obstacles God's done great things. We have a 3 yr old son, born naturally with no complications. I've pursued God even more knowing that healing is both in the Old and New Testament I know it has never been done away with, so I plead daily for understanding. I'd like to offer you some encouraging words He's given me if you would like them. Still waiting for the healing, but I know we're getting closer. Though many days I would not admit it. When you talked about missing the little things it resonated with me. The thing I've wanted to do most is just embrace my wife. Not hug, but hold her, without her sitting down, without the cold hard brace on. I would love to pray with you guys.
You can comment on my blog to get in touch with me.