Oct 29, 2006

The Kingdom for All to See

The other night, Mary, Larissa, I and an occupational therapist friend, Mary Bennett went to see Ian. Now I know that it was the last time I was to see Ian in that little room where our hearts have been held for the last 3 weeks.

I can't begin to describe our Father's lasvish, generosity to the Murphy's during this hard, very trying time. Not only has He showered them with material blessings of every conceivable kind, He has brought together a unique collection of friends who just happen to know a lot about traumas and hospitals and comas. He's brought wisdom to Steve and Mary out of no where and everywhere. The church has really been the hands and feet of Jesus, rushing to their aid to provide for them while He shelters and loves them under the shadow of His wing.

The truth and reality of His presence lit up our car on the way home. Mary said, "You know, I've been looking at people a lot since all of this has been going on. When I'm shopping and looking at the people around me, I've realized that my worst day in the ICU with Jesus is better than their best day they will ever have on earth." What mother, who watches her first born, day after day, in a coma and suffering, can say this except one who has a secret supply of Strenght, a hidden source of Light and a mysterious flow of Love running into her heart and out of her entire being. Mary knows something that we don't; she sees something that we can't and lays the full length and weight of her soul on the Rock that higher than she. We are seeing the things of the age to come, right here and right now. The Kingdom of God is here.

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Michael Q said...

Mary, Thank you so much for being such a Christian during the last few weeks!
Your example is amazing.