Oct 29, 2006

He's Coughing Well

I saw the respiratory therapist yesterday, and he said Ian has a nice strong cough now. Thank you, Lord. They’re still concerned about his level of consciousness, so to remove the trach now could be dangerous. He wouldn’t be awake enough to protect his airway.

Please just keep praying that Ian would let us know that he’s with us and that he would wake up. Ian moves for us, for familiar voices, but he won’t move for the medical staff on command. He’ll move his arm, his fingers, his toes, etc. when we ask him to, but not when they ask him to move. It’s as though he knows it’s not us.

We hear from so many of you who tell us you’re praying. Thank you…

-Steve Murphy


Michael Q said...

That's yet another example of God's goodness!

Thanks for continuing to share about Ian.

I am going to continue praying!

Joey said...

I heard about Ian and what happened through a friend of mine from IUP, though I do not go there. Thank you for making this blog and continuing to update it. I have been and still am praying for Ian. God be glorified!