Oct 29, 2006

The Deep Heavenly Mystery

Be encouraged by this quote from Andrew Murray:

"O what a deep heavenly mystery this is of persevering prayer. The God who has promised, who longs, whose fixed purpose it is to give the blessing, holds it back. It is to Him a matter of such deep importance that His friends on earth should know and fully trust their rich Friend in heaven, that He trains them, in the school of answer delayed, to find out how their perseverance really does prevail, and what the mighty power is they can wield in heaven, if they do but set themselves to it."

We have in heaven a rich Friend who longs to pour out blessing on us. Why He holds it back for a time is a deep mystery indeed. But we are told in scripture that God loves persevering prayer and loves to bless those who persevere in their prayers. Let this stir us to be persevere in fervent prayer for Ian's healing. O what a rich friend we have in heaven. Let us seek His blessing!

-Stephen A

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jc said...

Wanted to leave some encouragement that I had heard at the Bridge tonight. This was from an announcement. There is this guy who was in an accident and was in a coma and just woke up from the coma. God does heal and I just know that if it is what God wants HE WILL HEAL Ian!!!!! I know and believe this! I will continue to be prayer warrior for Ian! God bless you! And thank you so much for keeping us updated!!