Oct 7, 2006

Hey Guys:

The latest from Ian's dad:

"The latest news on Ian is that the doctors do not see the need to operate on his vertebra immediately, because the pressure on his spine isn’t what they expected it to be (i.e. it’s not as dangerous a situation as they once thought). They do need to operate to stabilize it at some point, but they’re thinking now that the operation would be in six weeks.

Ian is scheduled for a tracheoscopy on Monday, an operation they originally said needed to be done following the surgery on the vertebra.

Ian has had a fever they’ve been fighting. It could be related to an infection in his knee or (worse) it could be pneumonia developing. Please pray that it would only be related to the knee and not to pneumonia. In fact, pray that the fever would go away.

The neurosurgeon on Ian’s case will be gone for a couple days, but he wanted to talk with us on Monday about Ian’s lack of progress since Wednesday. Please pray that his neurological condition would improve, i.e. that he would continue to make movements and respond to various stimuli.

Thank you for your prayers….

Steve Murphy"

Ian's situation, as you can see is still very desperate. Thanks again friends!

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