Oct 8, 2006

Good News


A new message from Ian's Dad. Very encouraging. Real quick, before getting to Ian's Dad, I had the sense tonight while praying that Jesus wanted me to "ask again". So let me encourage you guys, "ask again". Ask again for great, bold, exciting, impossible things! Let's not ask small things of our great, almighty God! Even if you've already asked, ask again! Ask that Ian would graduate in December! Ask that Ian would be at my brother Stephen's wedding in November! Ask again!

Here's the update from Ian's dad, Steve:


"We learned something new this morning. Ian’s right eye has been responding sluggishly to light. That’s a good thing. He’s also “coughing” which really just looks like his body jerking. He still moves & responds to pain. The cause of his fever has not been determined, yet, but Tylenol keeps it in check.

We praise God for the progress he’s making! Unless the Lord intervenes in a different way than He is now, though, it appears we’re in for a long haul. Planning for the long haul, our intention is to return home on Tuesday and try to get into some semblance of a routine. We can’t stay here at the hospital 24/7, but we’re going to set up a schedule including me, Mary, Larissa, and maybe Ben and have one of us with Ian as often as we can.

Thank you so much for all of the support and prayers! So many have been so kind and generous to us. We’ve heard story after story of people who are praying, some who don’t even know Ian. It’s hard to recount what we’ve heard of the good things God is doing. I’m glad so many are sharing their stories and rejoicing in what God is doing.

Thanks so much for your prayers and for your response of faith…."


Thanks again guys! So grateful to Jesus for all of you and your prayers.


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