Oct 9, 2006

From Steve, Ian's dad

Today was the first day the doctor used the word ‘coma’ to describe Ian’s condition. Ian continues to respond to various stimuli, though. The head of the ICUs (the one who originally told us Ian was over the hump) visited Ian today and was screaming his name and clapping, and Ian “snorted.” The doctor rubbed his forehead, and Ian lifted his leg and stretched his foot. The medical staff here did surgery to insert a breathing tube in his throat (a tracheoscopy), and they removed the stuff in his mouth. He looks more and more like Ian the more stuff they do to him and the more he heals. Sadly, he just looks like he’s comatose.

It’s been remarkable to me how much Mary and I have been at peace through this difficult experience. The Lord’s grace has been present, even while grief overcomes us at different points. I had to talk to the insurance people about the car today, and for some reason I was really emotional talking to him about taking away the car that Ian was driving. I can tell that Mary is overcome at points, too, but I can tell she’s also at peace. We really are in faith at this point for whatever God has, but like you we’re praying for an extraordinary miracle for Ian. God gives life and sustains life. God breathed new life into me when He saved me and made me a new creature. It’s nothing for Him to raise Ian up from this coma. Thank you for the faith you have exhibited for a miracle. It’s humbling, and we’re grateful for your prayers.

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