Apr 10, 2013

the little big things

the wheelchair caught my eye last night, as it sat alone in the living room. I walked past and realized Ian wasn't in it. Ian wasn't in the room. Ian was walking through the kitchen with his walker and with Devon.

this little big thing, an empty room and an empty wheelchair, meant that Ian had left that room standing, and walking.

this little big thing reminds me that my husband still fights.

I love him.


LeslieD said...

...this is like a dream to me. Praise be to God for making dreams a reality in the lives of us, His children.
...from Glory to Glory☼☼☼☼☼☼☼

Anonymous said...

YAY Ian!!!!! :)
<>< Amber

Heidi said...

WOW That is awesome for both of you. Number 1- it reflects Ian's desire to be independent and to give you both that gift as a result of persevering and hard work (good word picture of what marriage is). Number 2- Hope, love and faith carry us through all things! So sweet and it reminds me to not take the little things for granted! Thanks for sharing the little things that are huge!

Anonymous said...


Still Praying.

Mary Ann K.

Christine said...

Oh...tears here...how wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Happy, happy! You go Ian - we are continually praying for you AND Larissa! Rene

Anonymous said...

Wendy in MD

Denise said...

This is HUGE! Praise God! He is still making Ian new. Dancing a jig of joy!
Sioux City

Cyn said...

Love this! Praise God!