Apr 10, 2013

darling magazine

Darling Magazine recently featured our story on their website. check it out here.


Christine said...

What a beautiful interview, Larissa...pointing each reader to God and his power. And honoring your parents and friends so well, too. Wonderful!

Holly Hrywnak said...

Just read the interview-- it was so good. I feel a tad stunned into silence. I come to your blog daily just loving you and Ian's genuine love for God and one another. I love the quote you shared at the end "You'll never regret loving this much."

Cata said...

I just read the interview. Thank you for being such a blessing to me through your example. Praise the Lord for the way He holds you both and gives you such strenght.
I read your blog whenever I can and it is such a blessing. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Catalina ( from Romania )

Denise said...

Larissa, You did a beautiful job glorifying God! I can just hear the Lord's "Well done, my good and faithful servant"! The article is beautiful and your marriage is beautiful.
Sioux Ctiy