Jan 24, 2013

how i'm fighting for joy

particularly in this season, our daily battle to believe and know that truth always conquers is a deeper and longer battle than usual. and so i'm trying to teach myself and pray for ways to fight for joy and mental clarity and hope. below is my list so far - of which all are underlined and supported by and kept in by grace.

marriage gratitude journal - a little journal, sent to me by a sweet blog reader, devoted solely to capturing the gratefulnesses i have in ian and him as my husband

exercise - to clear and empty my brain and keep me healthy to serve ian

date nights - wednesdays are reserved. and in a few weeks, after our first deadline, we're taking a week to devote solely to dates. no writing.

prayer - growing in my commitment. fasting on wednesdays. spending time thinking about and praying for something/someone other than myself

sleep - a time to escape

thank you for praying for our writing and our marriage.


William Smith said...

May God continue to bless you both. Thank you for your example

Anonymous said...

Praying still
Wendy in MD

Christine said...

If you read enough and know enough stories, physical and mental health tragedies can easily overwhelm your heart. Much like the dirt poor in Kenya contrasted with Americans who spend more on pet products per year than Kenya makes in a year, significantly health-challenged people live a life that is unfair, compared to those who live unencumbered by physical or mental handicaps. I have two special-needs children who keep me hopping to this and that appointment and more, and sometimes I feel parents with physically and mentally "normal" children don't give enough thanks to God.

But who has the greater gift? When we need to cling to God daily for survival, we have a gift that's eternal. Needing God so desperately means we concentrate far less on the things of this world.

Your posts here point to your desperate need for God and the wisdom and power and glory he allows you to share in with Him. Your lives bring Him glory and what a gift that is! Without the heart- wrenching handicaps, without the extreme poverty, sufferers would dwell in this world as if it were the end. That's human nature, sadly.

I know you already have this perspective, but I like to remind myself of it frequently. :)

I am praying for strength, balance, wisdom, and much grace always. His grace is such a beautiful sustainer while we wait for eternity.

Anonymous said...

May I say, What a beautiful post, Christine!

Still Praying.

Mary Ann K.

Anonymous said...

I have just watched your story. Praise God for his faithfulness and Grace and Mercy. Your story has touched me and made me think of how ungrateful I can be. You guys have made me realize just how precious life is and how Awesome God is. Ian & Larissa you guys are an inspiration and a testimony to Gods Grace. May God lift you up and bless you richly with joy, peace and love.Thank you for your beautiful testimony. Blessings, Adrian:)

Jenny - PA said...

I agree, Christine! I LOVE what you wrote..."Without the heart- wrenching handicaps - sufferers would dwell in this world as if it were the end." Amen.

We adopted a boy with HUGE emotional needs and live DAILY clutching onto the hand of Jesus...Our future and his is completely uncertain to us... but NOT to Him.

Praying for you Larissa!