Oct 4, 2012

not too much new

nothing too new to report on the Murphy front. just an average week. we have the joy of having our former flatmate with us for a month and we're digging in to writing our book.

thanks for sticking with us when we have sparse posts.



Anonymous said...

prayers for you and ian tonight ~

b in va

Judy said...

You guys don't know me, but I pray for you often and stand amazed at how God is using you for his glory. By the way, I love an average week once in a while!


Leslie Dawn said...

The book! Exciting!!! ...praying♥

Rebekah Hsieh said...

hey, i left a comment a while ago when i first found you. i guess i just wanted to connect with you more bc i really, really admire you and am ab the same age as you and married. but your faith and your strength amazes me. anyways, will you get to know me at beckythoughts.com? would love to just get to know one another better. and i guess i just really feel connected to you and want the same for you to me. anyways, hope this isn't weird. love, b

Anonymous said...

In Spain we say: no news good news... so enjoy the normal week.
Love and prayers
raquel from barcelona

Jane in TX said...

I've been following your blog since Desiring God posted your video. Average weeks can be good weeks. I pray for both of you as you write your book & go through daily life together. I am always encouraged & challenged by your posts. Can hardly wait for THE BOOK!

Lindsay said...

praying, praying