Aug 6, 2012

Of the air

we had just settled down on our blanket, heads propped, under the perfectly sized tree next to our driveway. The sky was carefully cast in smooth blue and white and every few seconds, a little brown bird would swoop overhead. And then a few geese. A larger flock of sparrows. We hear birds like this every night but are usually under the cover of our porch - we rarely see to who we can attribute the sounds.

But tonight, with stomaches full and skin adequately chlorinated from our earlier swim, we just lay and watched them.

"look at the birds of the air" Matthew 6:26

It came to mind, gently, knowing that tomorrow means another appointment, hoping that it doesn't tell us of cancer. I wasn't feeling anxious about it, I don't think. Sad, but not anxious. So sweetly though the birds comforted us, as they carried on their way.

praying that we fall asleep in peace tonight.



Julia said...

I watched your video and started reading your blog for the first time today and I already want to share it with everyone I know.
You and Ian are so inspirational and I feel like hearing your story changed my life in a matter of a few hours! I feel so blessed to have just a small glimpse I into your lives.
Even in the posts where it seemed you weren't have the greatest of days, your strength and love for God and your husband clearly came through.
I will be continuing to pray for you tonight and every night and hope you get a peaceful nights sleep and only good news tomorrow!

lb said...

please keep us posted.

y'all are so dearly loved. by us and by Him.

Anonymous said...

you write so beautifully!