Aug 27, 2012

here it is, again

"craniotomy. he had part of his brain removed."

she was on the other end of the phone, asking pre-op questions for something so minor compared to where he's been. she didn't know the memories that one word was stirring.

i hate talking about medical stuff. especially when it's ian's brain. 

tomorrow, a day that celebrates two years of being wed, we head to pittsburgh until wednesday - first an injection and then surgery on wednesday. lots of time in the waiting room. hopefully not too much time to think. hopefully praying.

please pray that this would be a simple surgery for ian and that there would be no cancer. and that he would heal quickly - vacation is just a few days awayl. most of all, please pray for peace. hospitals bring so many things to mind.

thank you


Leslie Dawn said...

I'm praying for your tomorrow Ian & Larissa♥♥ Tomorrow I interview a care-giver for Laurie. Fearful thoughts have been tormenting me. And to our tomorrows we sing, "Be still, my soul; the Lord is on thy side;
Bear patiently the cross of grief or pain;
Leave to thy God to order and provide;
In every change He faithful will remain.♫ ~Amen♥ ...i trust You Jesus.

jessica said...


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Anonymous said...

Praying as you requested.

And, Larissa, never stop requesting!

Mary Ann K.

Maureen said...

Your writings always encourage me to look to God for everything. Thanks for loving God and Ian the way you do. And, happy, happy, anniversary.

cynthia haughery said...

I'll be praying for you. Thanks for the update.

Amber V. said...

Thank you for modeling thankfulness & seeking out & holding fast to the joy through light & darkness. Continuing to pray for you both, specifically for blessings on Ian's time in the hospital & also for much grace to surround you guys this week.

Ligia Lopes said...

Happy anniversary, my dear.
It's so amazing to read your words and feel the love of God embracing me through you and Ian's marriage. I hope someday I can find a person who makes me feel so loved and special the way Ian does with you, and a person who I can devote all my love and caring in a such way you do with Ian.
Praying for Ian's surgery, knowing that God is in control and everything is going to be just fine.

Love from Brazil,