Aug 26, 2012

a perfectly summer sunday

3 comments: said...

Peace dear LArissa

Have you already moved? Please share with us your new home.
Besides, let me be curious, which is your original hair colour and style? The one you had in your wedding or the one you have in this last blog?
I pray for you both

May His grace be with you both

Barcelona, Spain

Anonymous said...

Great pix!

Is that naughty Lydia putting GUM on her nose?! :-)

Still praying!

Mary Ann K.

Leslie Dawn said...

Larissa, I had someone ask me, "I thought you has red hair." I said, Yes, I did have auburn hair, then when I was getting older I asked God for brown. And He gave me brown hair. Then I asked Him to give me white hair. And He's slowly working on that. He said Yes! Yes! To both my requests :-) BTW, Lydia, When my brother was a about your age, he fell asleep with gum in his mouth. He never did that again, because ants like gum & he didn't like waking up with so much "company" :-)