Jul 18, 2012

somewhere, someone is sad

constantly and rhythmically, there is loss. an unending current that ripples through all of us, every one of us. across houses and hospitals and huts is the screech of loss and desperation. what makes some of us happy is exactly what makes another sad, triggering memories of days that went by too fast.

so as we watched the fireworks that mean summer and warmth to so many, they shot like bullets through her, each burst a memory of a little life, a short life, a lost life. there were children shrieking with laughter around us but i could only think of her, who wanted them to just hurry up and finish, because they weren't happy anymore.

these are the losses that we won't ever forget. and not to live in despair but to live like our own "man of sorrows." for me, it may be as simple as a Tom Petty song on the radio that ian used to sing to me or it's when our three year old nephew tells us that his daddy's dad is already in heaven. to someone else who has lost there are triggers everywhere, and they are sharp and they sting.

i don't want us to forget that somewhere, someone is empty. and we feel that depth of loss with them and for them and through them. we share in the losses of others, because we share in the death of Christ for us.

"weep with those who weep."



AmiDawn said...

tears in my eyes this morning over this sad truth. thank you so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written....

videojen said...

this is really good L. thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post. I totally get it. Theres a depth to sorrow like nothing else. I love your blog-I go on it most days. I love thats its honest and not flippant or shallow. Im 26, single and living with my mum who is dying of cancer. And when I see couples or families having happy times it can some days be hard.But God is bigger!Also love mineral!!Im doing the jam jar shelf thing! xx

cynthia haughery said...

Thanks, Larissa. I think of our loss of Allivia. July 4th burns sorrowfully for me.....thinking of Alivia. Her death was so close to July 4th. It brings a painful sorrow.

Just as real is Jesus' death and resurrection.....making a way for our dear one to enter into the joy of the Father.


Aemi said...

This reminds me of my dear friends, whose father died suddenly in an accident several years ago. Recently, I have started weeping for them, as if their loss is now mine. But I don't want only to weep for them, I want to weep WITH them. I want to do what you said, and share in their loss. I hope I get the opportunity to do so.

Allison said...

This is so true and unfortunately, something I think you only "get" when you've been through or are going through a season of loss. But, as you say, when there is great loss, it is always a part of you. The triggers are hard and usually come on suddenly, like a song on the radio or a firework in the sky.

Thank you for your transparency.

Liz said...

My life couldn't be further from yours on the surface in some ways, but I totally concur, as a barely 29 year old single Christian lady who has become an orphan in the last 5 years...I concur.

His mercies are new everyday, but each day things that could bring delight to others have the potential to make us weep as we remember our losses...that's ok. The tears of remembering the losses are bitter sweet for me now...oh for the wait of the coming of our Redeemer to be over, but till then we walk on in His strength shining His glory, remembering the moments/relationships He allows us to enjoy here with thankfulness albeit the thought painful at times.