Jun 20, 2012

A farewell post, of sorts

A few months ago, a sweet girl needed a place to stay for a little while. We were lucky enough that she accepted our offer and now, though she is leaving us far too soon, she has become a very dear sister to us both.

Here are a few of her thoughts on life at the Murphy's.

"I moved into Ian and Larissa's house about 4 months ago. It's hilarious to think back to that day because I barely knew this couple who have since become family to me. Getting to know them and see how they live and love has absolutely changed my life. So today, 2 weeks before I move out of their house (no, they aren't kicking me out, thanks for wondering), I find myself once again thinking about some of the things I want to remember as I move away.

We love because Christ first loved us. It's only with Jesus' love that we are able to love other people the way that we should and were made to. Without His love, our love ends really quickly and selfishly- mine definitely does. God is the one sustaining Ian and Larissa every day. He is the one allowing them to praise Him. He enables them to love each other and so many others in the midst of great sorrow.

Ian is probably the most patient man I know. He is quick to focus on other people and he does not complain. I see his patience with his brother Caleb as Caleb helps him eat breakfast every morning and can't always understand what he is saying and so Ian often has to repeat himself a few times. I see his patience with his caregiver who picks Ian up every morning- it takes time to pull the van out and get the wheelchair loaded but never a word from Ian.

Every afternoon Ian hangs out at Vinegar Hill, the office where I work and the company he started with his best friend David. Ian's love for David is apparent and has me laughing most of the afternoon because they are always teasing each other about music and movies and just about everything. One of my favorites is when David helps Ian stand up and stretch. "You doing okay, Ian?" "I'd be a lot better if you weren't standing so close to me." You need to meet Ian to get the full effect of his humor- it's very dry and usually shows itself most when I least expect it.

Ian is a different guy when he is home with Larissa. It's fun to watch him when she is around. He is never totally at ease until she is with him and when she is there he has everything he needs, unless he's hungry which is an easy problem to fix. In his home and by his bride, Ian's sense of humor lets loose. Of the probably 20 times we've talked about what we are most thankful for Ian has answered "my wifey" every time. My favorite memories over the last 4 months are nights sitting around the dinner table when Ian is feeling well because he usually has us all laughing.

Not that long ago we were in the car driving home from a night at a friends house. Ian prayed for me because I wasn't feeling well. I don't remember much of the prayer but this part has stayed in my mind- 'God you know what's happening in her body. Help her to trust you.'

Ian trusts that God knows what He is doing with his life and his body. I think that's why Ian can laugh and love the way he does- the way that God created Ian to love. "


Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful ... Thank you!

Christine said...

This is beautiful! I pray for you with out ceasing. Blessings all over you both!

Sheila said...

You do not know me from Adam. But I am blessed by your lives. Thank you for blogging and letting others see God, because He is reflected beautifully in your lives.

I'm trying to get through a difficult time and I am encouraged by you both.

God bless these people please. Thank You.

Melissa R. said...

This is beautiful! I always get "re-set" and blessed by your posts and your prayers...thank you! <3

KColas said...

Jen is my cousin and I am so glad that she got to know you, and vice versa. Thanking the Lord for using you in each others' lives!

Leslie Dawn said...

Thank you for sharing this window of your life. I'm amazed at seeing the ease Ian has at expressing his heart felt love. God is at work in you mightily Ian!!!!!!!!! So helpful to hear this through you Jen! ~Thank you♥

Anonymous said...

Best Wishes Jen....It was great to hear your perspective and as always posts here are encouraging. It was great to get a bit of you while VH was filming at the Bennett's. I understand their not wanting you to go.

Anonymous said...

Larissa every time I look at this picture I just have to smile because at first glance it kinda looks like Ian is seeing his dad or something. Wouldn't that be cool! One day!!
Thanks for sharing.
Wendy in MD

Lisa said...

I am just amazed and blessed to be able to peek inside your lives. I love how you both love the Lord, it's pure and genuine and helps my walk with the Lord be just a little bit stronger. Thank you