Jun 24, 2012


If you've followed our blog for more than two weeks, you'll notice that we are horrible at posting on the weekends. I think it's because weekends tend to feel like the time that life really happens - the unexpected and the mundane.

We're thankful that weekends seem to always mean family and often friends. Laundry sometimes makes its way in there. And we try to shut our brains off.

So don't give up hope on us:) I have a few new posts rolling around in my head for the week. Let's hope they make it to the laptop.

Just a few highlight pics. Thank you, always



dejamos said...

I lovo you with the love of God. I am thanksful to know and keep knowing about you. I pray for you. Just a questions, have you considered to start writing in espanish too? I'm from Argentina and sometimes I dn't understand all the words, haha. Is just an idea. God bless you and gives you more and more and more from Himself. =)

Mrs.Rabe said...

Looks like a delightful weekend....