May 20, 2012


when i asked ian what i should write about tonight, he said "why you love living here." what a good suggestion, because i have been thinking a lot this weekend about how much i love our little rental home. and how home is such a good thing, that somehow satisfies a tiny bit of our greater longing for heaven. as i write this, we're enjoying a beautiful warm breeze on our porch, ian sitting comfortably with his legs up. a moment of rest for us both. devon is mowing our grass. the birds are shuffling from the clothesline to the trees above. our flatmate is quietly inside. and i love it.

creating a home is such a blessing. for me, it's one part of our lives that i can somewhat control. the decorating, the colors, the mood that it creates, are all controllable for the most part. God frees us to create homes here that we love, where we feel comfortable, where we feel Him. 

i'm thankful for our little 50s ranch house, with the big yard and porch that have created tons of memories with our friends and families. i'm grateful that Agnus who lived here before us planted beautiful flowers that still bloom and put hooks all around the porch where i can string my lights and curtains. i'm thankful that our first two years together have been spent here, on our quiet little street, tucked in by pine trees. and i'm grateful that this is but a mere shadow of what our home in heaven will feel like. now we see in part.




Kristy said...

I love creating my home also... Thank you for always turning our thoughts toward our heavenly home.
Continuing to pray for you and Ian :)

Jordan said...

absolutly beautiful. i love that your focus is so heavenward- i know as Christians it should be but i am so focused on here, on right now. i need to keep my eye on the prize and live more for Jesus. Thank God for his grace. God bless you both and I am praying.

Jen said...

I love creating a home for my family, too. We're getting ready to put our home up for sale - a home I've lived in for 27 years - a home I moved into when I was the same age as my oldest daughter now. One of our daughters was born here, in a shocking midnight flurry, on the bathroom floor. I'm sad to leave, but excited to go to a home where we can do all we dream of doing.

I don't know if you respond to comments, but I was wondering what are some things that you could offer as tips in creating a loving, beautiful home environment. What colors do you love, fabrics, plants, etc.? I never can seem to get that stuff right. We have a blast and no one but me seems to mind the disorder and hodge-podge of decorating, but I sure would like a few tips. I can recognize beauty when I see it, I just can never seem to put it together on my own. Praying for you guys!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first two comments. Thank you so much for reminding us to keep the focus on our eternal home!

I continue to pray for you and Ian.

Thank you for sharing you journey and faith with us!

Casey S.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first two comments. Thank you so much for reminding us to keep the focus on our eternal home!

I continue to pray for you and Ian.

Thank you for sharing you journey and faith with us!

Casey S.

Jenna said...

I agree with Kristy and Jordan. Thanks for keeping your focus on your heavenly home. I love reading your blogs. Thanking God for you both.

ps. I noticed in your video how colorful and happy your house is. So yesterday I went around my house and tried to create ways to make it more colorful. You inspired me! It was so fun. :)

CharityElaine said...

This is beautiful. We love your story.

Shelley said...

Hummm ... love that feeling of home too ... it stirs up a real longing within ... be blessed tonight you two - love from Canada x

Katy~The Country Blossom said...

Mmm...Yes! Home is truly my favorite place to be and if my heart finds so much rest and happiness with my home here on earth, I can't even imagine how much that will be multiplied when I am truly at *home* with Christ! :)

Enjoy your week!
I am praying for you guys!
Katy :)

Julia M. Melone said...

great reminder, larissa, to get us thinking about our heavenly home!

thankful that i learned of yours & ian's story from desiring God.

you and ian are two beautiful people whom the Lord Jesus is making even more beautiful.

love in Christ,
julia melone

Leah E. said...

Ian and Larrisa,
I just recently heard your story, and it has really blessed me. My sister showed me your blog, and then your video, a few weeks ago. I was really moved! I can really see the love of Christ shining through you and Ian's lives! I can also see your love for each other too. Your story amazes me, and is a very great example to me, of how God moves, and his love for us, and that everything he does happens for a reason. I am fourteen and also a Christian, and I know that God is what helped you through this all. He's amazing.
I have really felt like God has put you and Ian on my heart, to pray for you two. My dad has been preaching on the power of prayer lately, and I belive that I need to pray for you guys. So that's what I've been doing, every day! Don't ever lose faith, stay strong in Him, and remember that He is faithful.

I just wanted you to know I am praying for you guys!

Your blog is amazing. :)

<3 Leah

DeNiece Barnes said...

Home is a word that I love. It is decorated to our liking but yet it is simple and cozy and our whole family knows there is love and comfort in our home. After the weight of the outside world has become my dear sweet hubby for the day he knows that once he gets home the cares of the world can stay out the door because behind out door is peace, love and happiness. We too thank our Lord for or home. I will continue to keep both you and Ian in prayer.

Abi Agnes da Cunha said...

Hello! I'm from Brazil. I watched the video that tells your story and was very happy for you and Ian.
Love is a privilege. And you can experience this wonder of God and through Ian.

May God of strength, faith and perseverance on this path, because, sister, God is with you. Hugs from your brazilian sister.


Jill said...

Just lovely...and perfectly balanced. Your contentment is inspiring and God-magnifying!

InaiĆ” Milreu said...

Hello, I'm a brazilian girl. And I wanna let you know that i'm praying for you. And you are in my list of prayers.

Thank you for sharing your life, your love and your faith.


Emily said...

I live in a high rise in a major city, but I am a sucker for vintage homes. I hope I can eventually get a 50's ranch home if I decide to purchase a single family home.