May 13, 2012

sunday night

this weekend was for rest. grateful to have a weekend full of my best friend.

and then a sunday to think about the two best moms in the universe.


Ruthie Dean said...

HI Larissa and Ian! I'm amazed by your story. Saw the John Piper video about your marriage last week and I can't stop watching it. And weeping. What incredible faith you two have! I shared the video on my blog today. WOW.

SJ said...

I just have to say that you are the coolest woman. Thank you for being a light to the world and for encouraging so many people that you haven't even met. Praying for strength, healing, peace and joy for you guys.

love another sister in Christ

Silvia said...

Hey Larissa, my name is Silvia n i'm from Brazil.. i've seen the video a couple of weeks ago n i guess i can say that i was more than inspired.. i've been reading ur older posts n admiring u more n more each n i think its so brave that u share the good n bad moments, feelings n hopes in such a deep way. May God give u an amazing weekend! Be 100% sure that God is using u both way much more than u can imagine!
God bless! :)