Apr 15, 2012

a birthday

love to my husband as he starts year 27. may it be filled with knowing god more deeply and sweetly.

Ian - I'm so grateful that you were born and that you continue to pursue god in the midst of severe affliction. You bring us much joy and bring god much glory.

Love to you always, Ian



Anonymous said...

the most beautiful birthday wish i've ever heard from someone for her husband. wow. thank you for continually teaching me.

Leslie Dawn said...

♫Happy Birthday Ian♫ Larissa, that's my favorite Birthday prayer for everyone (including myself) ♫Just A Closer Walk With Thee♫

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Ian!
Praying still-
Wendy in MD

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday, Ian! God has blessed the world with your life, your faith and your courageous walk as a godly husband, man, son, brother, uncle and spiritual warrior! Have a great day celebrating your birth and life! You are worth celebrating!

thehomespunheart said...

Hi Larissa, I've been poking around through past posts after watching your video yesterday and I am compelled to share this from one lover of beauty to another: you have embraced beauty and surrounded yourself with beauty! What a gift to bless your home and marriage with beauty such as you have done. My words are feeling inadequate at expressing what I hope to - but the bottom line is I see how you serve your home and family by creating beauty around you. Blessings to you, Monica