Mar 17, 2012

unlike us

"forever god is faithful. Forever god is strong"

Unlike us, god is forever faithful. His word given to us cannot be false nor can it prove unfaithful. Unlike our feelings. And unlike our relationships, where we constantly fail, sin, and forget to love through mercy.

Also unlike us, god is strong - a strength too big for our minds to know. And in sickness or sadness or mental unrest or loss, we see our weakness stark against a great and strong god. And we may be called to wait in weakness, sometimes until heaven, but we are called to wait resting on a faithful and strong god.

god please help us to rest.

Thank you for praying



Heidi said...

So true Larissa! As I prepare to lead prayer this AM, I was impressed to encourage folks to not take for granted the good times. I realize how blessed I am after being sick with a nasty long lasting bug how precious good health is to me.

God is so faithful and we experience His faithfulness in deep ways while in those waiting times, those valleys of struggles, illness, pain, etc. BUT what a blessing when we do not take His provision for granted and can rejoice passionately during the good times. Just being aware of His blessings, protection and love in the good times and bad is a blessing that we should not forget but we should embrace completely. Being thankful!!! Every day for whatever He has for us!!! Now that is a blessing!

Love, peace and hope! Heidi

abbi said...

I just love seeing "I & L" instead of simply "Larissa", as it once was.


Sarah said...

Amen. God please help us to rest. That has been my prayer for myself recently, and tonight I've prayed the same for you both.

Good night, Ian & Larissa.

In peace I will both lie down and sleep;
for you alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety. -Psalm 4:8