Mar 14, 2012

I'm grateful that I'm waking up next to my best friend on my 27th birthday. Im grateful that i was born on my dads 30th birthday. I'm grateful for two incredible parents, and the two more that marriage brought me. I'm thankful for my 10 siblings and their five children. I'm grateful that even when we don't feel well, god remains unchanged.

Above all, I'm grateful that Jesus died to grant me life, and that no matter what 27 brings, "the lines have fallen for me in pleasant places. Indeed I have a beautiful inheritance."



Abigail Cashelle said...

Amen! And happy birthday Larissa. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to a special lady!
Wendy in MD

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday from Germany Larissa! you can be grateful to have so many lovely people around. Have a wonderful birthday together with them!
and ... btw: wow, 10 siblings!?!! means a lot of presents :)
enjoy your day and stay as happy, caring, loving and believing as you are. Tina

Anonymous said...

Always love seeing your pictures.
Thanks for posting.

Still praying.

Mary Ann K.

a.k.a. A thorn between two roses; you and Jan. (Figure it out.) ;-)

Leslie Dawn said...

♫If you're happy and you know it, then your face will surely show it If you're happy and you know it, then you really ought to show it shout "Hurray!♫~Larissa, your life shows joy in Jesus PTL!!! ~Happy 27th Birthday! You Are Blessed!!!