Feb 25, 2012

Thank you

Thank you everyone who has emailed or commented feedback about our book. It is so valuable to gain your perspective. As I sit this Saturday morning to write, stuck on the chapter that details the accident and first few days, I am encouraged knowing that many of you are praying with us.

Ian and I have both been fighting a nasty cold and a sinus infection this week, and so this weekend brings much anticipated rest. Ian has started speech therapy at the university and seems to be benefiting from the exercises. We woke up (well Ian still sleeps) to a beautiful snow covered yard, and so rest will come naturally with the weather.

And now, I write!

Thank you, always



Brandon and Beth said...

hoping to be able to buy one of your shirts soon!! my husband and I have been very tight financially, but I can't wait to own one! :)

Leslie Dawn said...

Thank you for keeping us updated & reminded to pray Larisa! We awoke to snow too & have 5" of snow in upper Carnation of the Greater Seattle WA area. PNW. I love God's artwork!!! I'm fighting sinus/cold too. Will be praying for you as I sniff, sniff sniff :-) Yeah, the snow is restful♥

Sarah said...

May God bless you in many ways as your write, Larissa. One of the questions you asked a while back was for feedback on why you should write a book, what do you have to offer in a book that isn't already out there - I think it's so clear that this is God's story you're in and He's given you the platform, the opportunity. He's clearly at work in your story and has given you a voice to tell it. So, much grace to you as you endeavor to tell it, as you have already been doing so well all along the way.