Nov 21, 2011

a normal day

over the past few months, several of you have asked through comments for us to share what a normal day is like. i'm not sure why we haven't, but here it is:) obviously, this doesn't encompass everything like grocery shopping or getting ian's lunch ready each night, but hopefully it's a good glance inside. ian's schedule has changed pretty significantly this fall, as we have taken a break from therapy, so this is what "normal" looks like - at least for now.

ian's brother, caleb, comes each morning at six while i'm getting ready for work (in marketing at a local bank) - he covers the gap from when i leave to when our full-time caregiver comes. at eight when our caregiver arrives, he and ian go to mary's house to use the shower (ours at our rental is not accessible), eat lunch, and work-out. ian then usually has about two hours to spend in the office with vinegar hill, who just recently moved their offices from our home to space nearby. (you'll be hearing more of VH in upcoming posts, but it is a company that ian and his best friend david started their last semester of college, the year of ian's accident).

after time in the office, caleb comes back at 4:00 for the overlap again between when our caregiver leaves and when i come home. and once i'm home, i try to make life as "normal" as possible. we have dinner together, have a quiet time, watch "family ties," etc typical life stuff. caleb and ian usually go swimming one or two nights a week, and we try to walk each night (the photo above is ian walking tonight). a few nights each week we end up being with friends or the murphy's, with tuesday our official "date night."

we hope to be giving more glimpses into a typical day, but for now hopefully this is just a good idea of our run at normality.

thanks for reading and always praying for us. and for not being bored of us yet:)

with love,


Anonymous said...

Never bored of you or your blog! I really enjoyed the post. Thanks for sharing the details of your day so we know how to thank the Lord in more detail and how to request in more detail as well.
Wendy in MD

Anonymous said...

Never bored!! Always happy to see Ian's progress and your wonderful life together. God is so good - what a Thanksgiving for you two! He will continue to bless you, as you have blessed us with your faith and your example of the TRUE LOVE OF CHRIST! With much love and continued prayers, Rene

Lucie said...

Ian is able to walk now, to at least some extent? That is indeed encouraging.

How involved is Ian able to be with Vinegar Hill? I know very little about brain injuries, so was curious as to how this interaction might help to stimulate his brain.

Thank you for sharing your lives with us. Even these small details help us to feel closer to you and give us a better understanding of your overall situation.