Nov 15, 2011

Change is Good

Ian and I have been talking about how we can change the blog to better serve our readers and those faithfully praying for us. Over the past five years, the blog has morphed significantly - initially set up as a way to update our friends and family on the constant changes to Ian's immediate health right after the accident, we now don't have many medical updates or big progress posts. We've entered into a new style of life, one that without a miracle, will become and has become the new normal. With that, we feel that the messaging of our blog has changed and will continue to change, hopefully without losing sight of the gospel or the reason that most of you visit the blog - to simply pray for ian.

Where we see the blog taking us for the next few months and if the lord allows, the next few years, is to really be able to share with our readers what it looks like to live in the midst of a significant disability at a young age and what it means as a christian to live that every day. and, more importantly, to not just live it, but to share the battle to see the beauty and grace that encompasses a life (and marriage ) disabled. we know that our blog already has expressed this in some ways, but we want to be more intentional in what we share and how we share it.

The first addition is a new daily gratefulness list, which is a right-link as a flickr photo stream. We know that daily thanking God for all of his blessings is critical in fighting against bitterness in the face of suffering. colossians 3:15 says it best - "and be thankful."

We also have some exciting ideas and really great things coming up the first of the year to share with everyone.

More importantly, we want each of you, our readers, to know that you have played a role in our lives that we won't fully understand until we reach heaven. in ian's words, "thank you."

We are grateful and continue to pray for grace to humbly share our lives/struggles/joys with you.

with love


Anonymous said...

Cool-this is great! Continually, I'm so encouraged by you both. I can't wait to see all the changes in your blog during the next few months. When I first started reading your entry I thought....oh, no, they are going to stop blogging and I'll not know how they are and I'll miss them. Funny how, in the bond of Christ, you can get kinda attached to those you have never personally met. Thank you both for sharing your life with us, the readers, who count it a joy to pray for you both, as we too are strengthened by your words and focus on Christ Jesus and His Gospel, daily.
Wendy in MD

Lee and Jeannette said...

Thanks for your thankfulness.

Grace...such an oft-used word but often misunderstood word. Grace is unmerited favor...what we get from God that we don't deserve. But I find that looking for the "silver lining" as they say in every dark cloud doesn't always turn up what I'd hoped. Our idea of blessing is not often God's. Helpful for me so many years back now was the idea that Grace should always be capitalized because Grace to us is the Holy Spirit. He Who in fact enables us to not be discontent, to turn back to the amazing Gospel in awe and to be thankful for the little things. Thank you that your hearts long with Christ' give glory to the Father. You don't want peoples' thoughts or ideas or focus to end in you but in Him.

So I'm thankful for your thankfulness :-). And maybe you both like me these days find that often, great things from God (for which we can be thankful) are not simply measured by how spectacular they are but by how easily we can miss their presence in everyday life.

Love in Him,

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ian and Larissa. I love your ideas for changing the blog and look forward to continuing the journey with you. The thankfulness photostream is a great addition. Your testimony is a reminder to us all to be continually thankful even in the midst of sometimes very tough circumstances.
Leisa in TX