Aug 3, 2011

spending a week at the lake with our lovely family!

when we return home, ian will be starting therapy at a new hospital with new therapists. we're excited to have new eyes and new ideas, and also his new doctor will now be able to oversee his therapy. ian had been in the same therapy routine for four years, so i'm praying that this change will bring great things for him.

it's so easy to get discouraged when ian has sleepy days or days with less communication. being at the lake brings back sad memories of when ian and steve were healthy, but also reminds us of how far that ian has come since his accident. i still have so much to learn about being a good wife to ian and a best friend to him. one of the greatest thoughts that needs to rule in my heart is that god is the author of our marriage, not man, and that god will see us through to the end.

so thankful for vacations and escapes from some of the realities of life. have a happy weekend.



abbi said...

praying for you two.

Anonymous said...

With continued prayers! Rene