Jul 11, 2011

WOW have i been awful at writing on here! life has been crazy, including a few days of filming at our house for a small project that we're part of, plus the usual and fun summer activities and sunburns. thank you all who are still praying for and following us. i hope to post something more meaningful soon



Anonymous said...

Still praying!
Wendy in MD

Sharon said...

So glad your summer days are filled with the busy and good things in life. Praying for strength and wisdom as you engage in that life together.

jacksta said...

Hi there. I found a link to your blog through another blog about your wedding photos. I decided to start from the beginning. I hope you dont mind that a stranger all the way from New Zealand has read your story...an amazing, inspiring story. I have learnt so much about God that I never knew. About a parents love (Steve and mom), about a devotion a woman can have for a husband. And as a nurse, the head injury stuff too. Thank you so much for documenting this. You are two of the most inspiring people I have ever read about. May God continue you work in your lives.
Blessings from New Zealand

Anonymous said...

I am following! A new follower from Texas. Your heart touches me and gives me such community from a distance...I cant even discribe. Your honesty and vulnerability touches me and reveals thoughts in my head that I cannot express in words. Thankful to God for people who can express in words what I cannot...or just express in words what my heart longs to hear...thank you!