Jul 14, 2010

We got our marriage license today. Kudos to us.

Steve, we hope you somehow know this. We love you.



Anonymous said...

That is great news! What a wonderful snapshot.
August will be here before you know it!!
Wendy in MD

Amber said...

And Steve knows...don't you worry.
My mom passed away, well it'll be 7 years ago on the 28th of this month. I got married October of 2008...I too had the same thoughts about her being there & knowing what was going on. When my wedding day came, I could feel her presence there. She was there & I knew she was happy.
God knows the desires of your heart and I have no doubt that you'll both feel Steve's presence on your special day.

Jan said...

Congratulations, Ian and Larissa! Another big step moving you towards your wedding. May the Lord continue to provide what you need and give you grace and strength, and much joy!

Anonymous said...

Those are the best 2 smiles I have ever seen!! Such joy!! God bless you both and, yes, with the joy Steve is experiencing in Heaven, he is sharing that same joy with you all!! Praying for a truly beautiful and blessed day!!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Kudos to both of you indeed and praise be to God most definitely. I am sure that Steve is celebrating in heaven learning about this wonderful news. Love you all.
Azad and Family