Mar 5, 2010

Update on Ian

This morning Ian was admitted to our local hospital to the Rehab floor. When his doctor saw him on Thursday, she was very concerned with how tired he is. Since being admitted, we think we've determined the cause of his lack of energy and overall just not acting like himself. It will take a few days to correct and after that, if he continues to do well with the in-patient therapy, he can determine how long he stays there.

Please pray that Ian would remember why he is at the hospital and that he would come home better than he is now. Praying that this would give him a kickstart in progress before our wedding.

Thank you, always



Anonymous said...

Lord can Ian plllleeeaassee have a kickstart before their wedding??? oh, Lord, please. This is our hearts desire yet we know You are the
only One who truly knows what is best for them and each of us along our journey here on this earth. Help us all to rest in that, especially Ian and Larissa at this difficult uncertain time.
Wendy in MD

Sharon L Brenneman said...

Continuing to pray for you both. May you both be encouraged & continue to have God's joy & peace in your hearts!

Anonymous said...

I have been praying since last night (a friend from the Indiana church told me about Ian being admitted). So glad to her that they figured out what is causing his tireness. Now I pray that the therapy will get him back home soon. With continual prayers,
Rene (Altoona)

BoldLion said...

OUCH! I am praying for you all and for his strength to be back normal again!

Hungry to eat His Word,
'Guerite ~ BoldLion

Lisa said...

Dear Lord, I pray that Ian would regain his energy and that he would be able to enjoy his wedding when that day comes. Amen.

Mar said...

I am so sorry to hear Ian is back at the Hospital....You all are in my prayers!

-mary in CO