Mar 2, 2010

Race for Hope

This spring, two of my friends and I are running a 5k to support brain cancer research. No obligation whatsoever, but I wanted to share the link to offer support. I know that for me, doing this somehow makes me feel like I'm doing something good.

Check out our team page here

Thank you, always. Please continue to pray for energy and strength for Ian.


Anonymous said...

Still praying.
Wendy in MD

Anonymous said...

Still praying.
Wendy in MD

jmosizzle said...

Hi Larissa,

My name is jmo ( well its actually jenny but im known as jmo ) and i am a friend of beth altrogges here in san diego from the sov grace church here..
i just wanted to say that i have prayed for you and the murphys since i first heard of the accident.
Virtually every post brings tears to my eyes and my faith is made fuller whenever i read your words.
im even more provoked as i prepare to get married next saturday!
it has been a rough road for my fiance' and i, but i have been so provoked to think on God's goodness through your example with Ian as well.
I would like to add a link of an article i just read off of the Desiring God website...
Thank you for being open to be used for the Gospel's sake at any cost.


darla said...

Hi Larissa,

My name is Darla and I am a friend of the Miller family. My husband was diagnosed 18 months ago with a GBM brain tumor. The tumor was removed, rad. and chemo. All was well until new growth was discovered in Jan. He is now undergoing new treatment in hopes of shrinking the tumor. Some days are better than others physically, mentally and spiritually.

I know that God's plans are the best plans and that with HIS help we will persevere!

I belive that there is a purpose for this meeting, possibly supporting one another as caregivers for the one we love. I will add you and Ian to my pray list as I hope that you will add my husband Tim and I to yours.

May God bless, Darla