Mar 17, 2010

Chris Fabry Live

I recently spoke on Chris Fabry Live, a radio program from Moody Radio. If you're interested, you can download it on Itunes or listen through Quicktime here.



Anonymous said...

I just listened to the radio program and it was just great to hear your voice after reading your blog all this time. I know your story will continue to be an inspiration to many. Bless you both.

Anonymous said...


You have glorified God so beautifully. Very well done!

So proud of you,
Maryann Plesnicher

guerrero said...

I heard you on Moody radio and my heart was full of wonder. I heard as though God was saying this is true love one that is all giving and not expecting anything back in return. Be it material wise or physical. I praised God that moment! I could tell that you have a deep relationship to our Lord and Savior. A relationship that many of us could only dream of because we are all to busy in our daily lives to develop such love for our Lord. May God continue to bless, encourage, and strengthen you and Ian.

cathy said...

It was great to put a voice with your face Larissa, after reading this blog for several years. Your devotion and love for Ian is very inspiring to me. Your interview has made me look at my own marriage through new eyes. I have become more grateful for the wonderful husband GOD has blessed me with. I'll continue to pray for Ian's recovery and your upcoming nuptials.

Lucy and Rod Goshow said...

Hi Larissa & Ian,
Good job talking with Chris, Larissa! God is being glorified in your lives and your relationship and it's impossible to know how this is impacting those who hear and read your blog!

Looking forward to your wedding!

LindaQ said...

Thank you for clearly communicating to us God's love. I was inspired by your radio discussion and continue to pray God's abundant blessing to you and Ian.