Feb 10, 2010

Here is a great article that our friend Carolyn McCulley put together for her blog and included our story.

Thanks for praying for Ian.



Anonymous said...

Wonderfully written! Can't wait to spend some time searching her site.

Anonymous said...

another far-reaching effect of Ian and Larissa's journey - aneighbor stopped by one day and in the conversation she shared that she and her husband were in a conflict with their adult son. After a few sad minutes of this I shared about Ian's accident and his challenges. She listened intently, obviously being convicted by the Holy Spirit. She called me the next day and told me she went home, talked to her husband and they and their son resolved the conflict that very evening. Since then she always asks about Ian, his progress, what the Lord is doing in his life, etc, and is thrilled to hear about the plans for a wedding. Like so many other people, I don't believe she will ever look at life the same way she used to. Thank you for the faithful way you are walking thru life together, Ian and Larissa.

Monkeywrenchmel said...

been a long while since I read the latest and I am just amazed at Ian's progress and praying for a delightful wedding for you 2.