Jan 10, 2010

Several people have asked through comments- we're getting married on August 28th, 2010- Steve's birthday.

Thank you for your continued prayers.



tessa said...

hey larissa -
i'm not sure if we've met before but my hubby jim and i have been following the blog since ian's accident. just wanted give ya'll my biggest CONGRATS! i am so happy for you and ian! praying for the wedding :)

Hanna said...

congratulations again :) so happy for you two!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day to chose!!
May God continue to bless you!

Ellen T said...

Great way to celebrate your new life and his.

Joanne Perry said...

Wow! That is so great! What a great honor to Steve.

Anonymous said...

That is so nice!! :)

Anonymous said...

That will be a special day for your family. Do hope you post tons of pictures!!
Wendy in MD

Anonymous said...

August 28th is my husband's Birthday too.... And he is named Steve ... which is surely a common name and common Birthday (He'll be 52 the day you get married).

I'll be praying for you on your not so common wedding day.

Bless you.

Cynthia W

Anonymous said...

How appropriate to have your special day on Steve’s birthday. I am sure Steve will be watching from heaven and celebrating on your special day. Congratulations, we look forward to your big day. God Bless.