Jul 6, 2009

Everything's Not Lost

Pictures are easier than words...........
Clearly we have too much spare time...but we're still in our 20s and have full rights to be immature.

This is when Ian told me to risk it and stop in Altoona for the fireworks, even tho my cell phone was dead, the gas station was closed and we had been on E for several miles, and we had already been in the car for seven hours that day.

(fake smile)
We can't give up on this and we can't give up on each other. We have to keep believing that better things are coming.
Thank you for praying. Ian asked you all to pray for his walking.


Anonymous said...

The pictures are great!!! You two look like you were having a grand old time - wonderful! So you were in Altoona - so was I. Getting things ready for my move. Will be checking out the Soverign Grace church there, after I get settled. (Thanks to a note from M A K!) Ian, you look wonderful - Larissa, you always look great (even when you are making faces. Keep those pics coming! We keep praying.
Rene - soon to be from Altoona (or as I call it - Toona Town!

Anonymous said...

altoona, hmmmm, reminds me of another road trip. i hope it was as much fun as it sounded!!!! g
p.s. must have been a '4th' thing...we did the same thing with 'empty'....must be some kinda '4th thing'.

Cynthia said...

Let Ian know that I have felt the Lord directing me in my prayers to pray for his brain/body connections....and so I have been praying about his walking! How encouraging to realize that the Lord is concerned for all these details! It encourages me in my prayers.
Cynthia H.

Anonymous said...

Great pics!
...now about your "manners"...

A dead cell phone and gas gauge on "E"? That's living on the edge in my book!
Does Altoona have a good fireworks display? I worked for a nice place in Altoona for a while. I'd call my trip there the "Tour de Toona"...1.5 hour drive one way. But, that was where the main office was and I only went there a couple of times.

Best wishes to you, Rene, on your new digs. I know that you have been and will continue to be a faithful prayor.

Larissa and Ian, will specifically pray for walking as you requested. Thanks always for posting and keeping us up to date. You are right: "WE" (all of us) cannot give up!!!

Still Praying!

Mary Ann K.

Anonymous said...

I will be praying -- walking ... how wonderful will that be !
Blessings to all


Sharon said...

Will certainly be praying for Ian's walking...

Just a note on the pics...it may be just me...but do I detect more of the 'humor light' in Ian's eyes and smile -- and a sense of control of his facial features -- great praise and hope!

Maryanne said...

Hi, I am Maryanne from Indiana PA. Great pictures, filled with love!It was interesting that you were in Altoona. I had written to you last month about how much my cousin and I appreciated your blog. Her husband who suffered brain trama is recovering slowly in a nursing home in Altoona. We are praying for Ian's walking! My cousin asked me to tell you that she now is seeing her husband respond positively to a massage therapist and a chiropractor who work together to help Joel realign and heal. She would recommend this type of intervention.

Anonymous said...

Next time in Al-toona town...Al who? look us up. The best fireworks are at DelGrosso's Park BTW and we are a stone throw away.

I would of course watch shaking hands with you folks...never know where your fingers have been....great pictures and you are right about the "youth" thing.

Also the song by Coldplay is one of our daughters and my favorites, and we sing it in the car many times..for it is true that we have to sing out O yea "everything's not lost".

God will bless

Minori Family

Audrey said...

We are continuing to pray for you here at the Drago household, Ian=)

God Bless,
The Drago Family

Anonymous said...

It was absolutely wonderful seeing these pictures-you are right-you are both young and you should have LOTS of fun! Keep having it. Besides-laughter is a powerful healer from God!
Wendy, NC

Rescued from the Deep said...

So, I'm just wondering...was the finger in the nose before the mouth or vice versa?? LOL!!
You guys are too cute!!

mary kate said...

this post made me think of a song... we sang it when we (my church and me) went down to new orleans to build houses, love on kids, and just be a blessing to the people there. (tho, of course, they blessed us more than we did them, i think :)

anyways, replace 'city' with 'ian' or 'relationship' or whatever you choose.....

"Greater things have yet to come
Greater things are still to be done
In this city
Greater things have yet to come
And greater things have still to be done here"

re: http://chosenfast.com/2008/03/31/greater-things-are-still-to-be-done-in-this-city/

prayin' for you guys.....