Jun 13, 2009


Our prayer lately has been that Ian would have clearer speech and a stronger short-term memory.
Though Ian's speech is often not very clear, it's encouraging that he is regularly trying to make himself understood. He'll even attempt to spell out what he's trying to say. God bless Larissa for her patience in working with him on that! I've noticed a pattern in his recovery since the wreck: little break-throughs in areas where we've been praying and then suddenly he's doing it consistently. This is another good example.
He struggles with his short-term memory, too. He often can't remember what happened 20 minutes ago let alone yesterday's events. We continue to rehearse things with him over and over again, and at times he'll remember those things we rehearse all the time. He and Larissa are going through the book of Luke together, and he remembers that. Occasionally, lately, we've noticed he'll remember something that happened earlier in the day - more little break-throughs. We pray that he would more consistently remember.
There really are a lot of hopeful signs of progress in Ian. In one way it's sad, because it's as though he's starting his life all over again learning the basics. But, in another, it's pretty incredible that he's at this point. We're so grateful for Ian's growth and progress!
Thank you for praying!


Cathy said...

I continue to be amazed at what the LORD is doing in Ian's life and the tremendous love and support he receives from Larissa, family and friends. I am placing him on the Prayer Chain this a.m. at my church here in Johnstown, PA, specifically for clarity of speech and his short term memory. Keep the faith...

Tim said...

Steve -

Thanks for this report. I continue to pray for Ian and you all.

(Tom's brother)

Marshall said...

Steve, thanks for giving us such a clear picture of reality. It motivates me to keep praying !

Ian, I thank God that you are so close to Him. I pray that God will give you all you need to keep speaking better and better !

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update.
Still praying for you all.
Wendy in Maryland

Anonymous said...

Please continue to share these things. One thing, we are praying. Secondly, this blog is documenting not just Ian's progress and God's working, but also how everyone concerned with this case is dealing with the situation, including Ian himself. Let your light so shine before men, in this blog too, that believers and unbelievers alike may glorify God.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your thorough explanation, steve. it is helpful to know how to pray. wouldn't his doctors that first treated him be amazed at how far ian has come...

Anonymous said...

Thanks, always, Steve for your posts.

Happy Father's Day to ya!

Still Praying.

Mary Ann K.

Anonymous said...

still praying. love to you both
your strength and perseverance has given me encouragement and conviction in our current trial (my fiance and i)... <3 to you.