Jun 19, 2009

Ian, I'm so glad that you're alive to experience the joy of being an uncle. :) Welcome to our world, Paladin James Murphy!!!!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Congratulations Ben and Jan! He is beautiful!!!! :)

So glad that you get to experience being an uncle, too, Ian! Yay!


Anonymous said...

Congrats! That smile on your face, Ian, is precious. Continued prayers, Rene (from Latrobe, now, but moving to Altoona in July), however, I WILL continue to pray and stay in touch with your site). May God's blessings keep you progressing. Love the updates - keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

Ian I look at that snap shot and see two miracles, your life and a new little life held in your arms!
Happy for you all!!
Wendy in Maryland

TerryHall said...

Yay!! What a great blessing from the Hand of the Lord! I love your smile, Ian, and that little scrunched Paladin face. Congratulations, Ben and Jan!

the Halls

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Ben and Jan!! He is precious! and to Ian... I am so happy that you are enjoying one of God's many blessings! Becoming and Uncle has to be one of the greatest feelings in the world! Your face against his is absolutely beautiful! Continuously praying... -Andrea

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Ben and Jan and all the Murphys and McKelvys!
Great Pics! Look at Paladin's head of hair and Ian's smile!

Still Praying!

Mary Ann K.

Rebekah Berger said...

ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! SO PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy:)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Ben and Jan! Paladin James is adorable! What a blessing to have a beautiful little one, and how wonderful that Ian gets to be an uncle. Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures. God bless you all!
Jean R.

Anonymous said...

Oh my...look at your smile Ian...mimi was right...paladin is beautiful!!! gigi

Lauren said...

What a nice smile Ian's wearing! He looks so happy. Paladin is a cute little munchkin.

Anonymous said...

Precious pictures! To me your blog is a bold testimony of lives submitted to God's grace!

If you don't mind me using your blog or if you could pass this on to her, I like to invite Rene from Latrobe, who is moving to Altoona in July, to visit Sovereign Grace Church of Central PA. We meet at the PMAA Bldg., 1110 7th Ave., in Altoona. 814-949-5940 or www.sovgracepa.org

Cathy Irvin