Apr 15, 2009

Thank you everyone who has sent an email to Ian. I'm hoping to put a little notebook together for him, so if you haven't already, here is what I'm asking:

Thursday is Ian's birthday. I didn't tell him that I was doing this, but if you could take the time, please write an email to him about one way that you have been pointed to Christ by Ian's life- what you have been taught about God through Ian's life, how your prayer life has been impacted, etc. Please email these to prayforian@gmail.com and include where you are from. I'll probably be giving this to him after his birthday, so continue to send emails on Thursday if you can.

I'd love to bless Ian with reminder's of how this trial is about so much more than just us.

Thank you, always.

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Anonymous said...

I am so sorry, I missed this. Do convey our belated birthday wishes. We continue to pray for him here in Auckland.