Apr 14, 2009

Ian wanted me to ask everyone to pray for his thoughts- that he would be able to think clearly and logically, to be able to keep a train of thought, and that his memory would improve.

These are all things that greatly affect how he communicates to us and how he lives his life.

Also, Thursday is Ian's birthday. I didn't tell him that I was doing this, but if you could take the time, please write an email to him about one way that you have been positively affected by Ian's life- what you have been taught about God through Ian's life, how your prayer life has been impacted, etc. Please email these to prayforian@gmail.com and include where you are from.

Thank you, always.


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Anonymous said...

ian, i do pray for you daily...as i know so many do. i am encouraged by your strength in the midst of all you are going through, and i guess you probably don't see it. i am glad that laris asked us to pray for your thought life...so specific. i guess one of the coolest things about you now/before, is the fact that you chose such an amazing person to be your girlfriend. little did you, and all of us, realize how remarkable she is! good pick buddy! okay, i supposed this is too corny coming from one of your mom's friends....but i do love ya. gretchen