Feb 9, 2009

World on a String

For awhile now, Steve has been trying to think of a post to describe how much we see Ian's personality. I think this will sum it up quite perfectly. I don't know if you can see since it's pretty dark, but he's mouthing all of the words.



Wendy Glosser said...

I only know Ian through the internet...and pray for him! But this was soooo encouraging! Thank you for sharing that with those of us who never met Ian.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for making Larissa laugh. It is a sound I have really missed.
Love you

Anonymous said...

Ian, I especially liked the "Sinatra-esque" eyebrow move at :28. Pure genius.

that was incredible!!!


Anonymous said...

I knew your family from working at The Children's Institute... it is absolutely amazing to see how far Ian has come! I can still remember my heartache walking past Ian & Larissa in the lobby looking at the snow and Ian being so sick... or seeing them do laps around the hospital. I continue to pray for you all! Keep the updated posts coming - it's a joy to read about how far Ian has come!

Sharon said...

This was GREAT!!! I wouldn't have taken Ian for a Sinatra fan -- I can definitely see the interaction and his understanding of the music's timing - both great praises!!!

Anonymous said...

God is so good. We will keep on praying for more miracles! Love to you all, Janet Shilling

Cathy said...

This post was great. . . I too have never met Ian so it was so great to see this glimpse into his personality - my daughter had a class with him at IUP and told me about this site.

No doubt in my mind that GOD is bringing Ian back, bit by bit. . .

I look forward to the day GOD totally restores his speech and I can hear Ian talk and hopefully meet him in person!

Nothing is impossible for the mighty GOD we serve.

Anonymous said...

This post made me both laugh and cry!! I cried because I'm so grateful to the Lord for the progress Ian has made and I laughed because of Larissa. It was so good to hear your laughter. I continue to pray for Ian and thank the Lord for what He has done. Pat McCombie

Anonymous said...

Ian, I'm definitely impressed! I really like the classic cigar allusion. Great "string around your finger" movement too.

-Meghan M.

PS: Thanks, Larissa, for sharing this with me. You're both in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Praise You Lord for Your unfailing love and kindness! This is so wonderful. What a blessing! I am constantly overwhelmed by the Lord's presence every time I see how far Ian has come. It is such a picture of the impossible made possible by a loving Creator/Father/Savior/Redeemer. He made the impossible, possible when He saved us and He just continues to show this so tangibly through Ian's healing. What an awesome God! Thank you, Jesus!

Anonymous said...

oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!

he's awesome!


Bernadine said...

Thank you for sharing this. It's a blessing to see how far Ian has come.
Continuing in prayer,

Anonymous said...

this is so awesome, you guys. can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks...ian-you're too funny. hahaha...still laughing...

happy valentine's day!


ps-it is great to hear you laughing, laris, and to know it's coming from ian again. totally awesome.

Anonymous said...

This is the coolest post!

Still Praying!

Mary Ann K.

Rebekah Berger said...


I love you Ian!