Feb 9, 2009


Yesterday, I found myself in a conversation with Ian and Larissa and Mary about all that the church and so many others did for us in bringing Ian home from the hospital. We told about the many, many kind people who helped us tirelessly for a season build an addition (e.g. organizers, builders, contractors, givers, suppliers, agencies, businesses, family, etc., etc.). Ian was thoroughly engaged in what we were saying, nodding and shaking his head and smiling at all the appropriate spots.

Then, it occurred to me that he was eating popcorn. Popcorn! He was reaching into the big can of popcorn over and over stuffing his face with popcorn, some of it not making it to its destination - a lot like the way I eat popcorn! He was thoroughly engaged in our conversation, though, like he was watching a movie. I stopped my reflections when I realized again how far he had come. "Ian!" I blurted out, "you're eating popcorn!" That must have sounded a little silly from his perspective, but I couldn't help it. Six months ago, I wouldn't have dreamed of giving him even a kernel of popcorn for fear that he would choke on it.

Mary and I continued the conversation with him tonight about all the ways God had blessed us through so many people in helping to bring Ian home. Once again, he was fully engage, nodding and shaking his head at appropriate times. At one point Mary said something like, "people in the church, your friends, they really love you!" The grin on his face was priceless.



Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord.
This year our daughter Prisy is maintaining the family prayer diary from which she reminds my husband about prayer points. Ian's name is noted prominently and prayed for every night. And we are probably just one of many many families around the world.

Recently I asked Larissa for more details about Ian's progress. We were like a bunch of Doubting Thomases here. The recent posts have proved beyond doubt that the progress is real and Ian is becoming better. It is so good to read.

I thank God for the beautiful way in which you have demonstrated your faithfulness to the Lord unconditionally. Whatever the outcome of this story, whether Ian will become much much better or not, this is already a great story and a great example about how Christians ought to conduct themselves in the face of unexpected tragedy.

But for your sakes, and for the glory of God, we continue to pray earnestly for Ian. May God bless you all.

Anonymous said...

We are so encouraged to continue praying boldly. We think of you daily, Ian! and all the rest of you-- you are a constant reminder to seek God's glory, not our own.
Thank you for keeping us up to date. God is good. Lotinskys