Jun 17, 2008

Youth Camp

Larissa, Caleb, Devon, and I will be at our church's annual youth camp this week. The week includes lots of worship, sermons, and talking about God. There are also lots of sports during the day. Larissa and I are counselors, and Devon and Caleb are campers.

Ian was a camper at this camp for eight years and a counselor for two years. Youth camp is where God began to show the truth of Himself to Ian. In his teenage years, Ian really benefited from youth camp.

Let's pray that this will be the last year that Ian won't be there as a counselor.

(Pictured is Ian and some friends at youth camp several years ago)



Anonymous said...

youth camp wasn't even on my barometer this year...but your description makes me want to stop by for some worship, teaching, and especially to see so many friends in one place. maybe i will see you there....gigi

yes that is a good hope for ian, and one to pray for as we wait, wait, wait on the lord.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for all of you at camp this year. I pray Ian will be able to join you at next year's camp!


Jamie said...

I wanted to write that I had the privilege of meeting Ian at youth camp on Wednesday night. When I arrived home late, I told my children (who should have been asleep) that I had met Ian and Larissa. You see we have been praying for both of you since we heard about the accident. My 3 oldest children pray faithfully every night. Anyway, when I told them I met Ian and Larissa, their eyes lit up and they were so excited. If I had come home and told them I met Ben Rothlesburger, or Michael Jordan, or some other superstar they could have cared less. They were delighted to hear I got to meet you and immediately asked me when they would get to meet Ian and Larissa.

As I sat there at Camp I watched how Larissa and Steve cared for Ian. To me it was the most inspiring thing going on in the room. Ian, Larissa, Steve and the rest of the family, you all are our heroes. You are the ones we are grateful to know and get excited about meeting and seeing. Thank you for your example. Thank you for how you so consistently direct our hearts to the savior.

We will continue to pray.

In His Grasp,


MikeQ said...

I'm praying for Ian's healing.

Heidi said...

Hang in there, enjoy your time at camp and know that you, Ian and your families are in my prayers. Your continued faith and trust during these struggles inspire me and others to hang tough as we wait for God's intervention in our own lives. He is willing, able and OH, SO, FAITHFUL! His will is being accomplished in your lives as you walk "the walk". Your love for the Lord and Ian is what God wants for each of us to experience. You are an inspiration to so many and I'm so proud to know you and see how God is caring for both of you and leading you through this walk of faith.
In His love, Heidi from Hillsgrove