Jun 14, 2008


Ian has had an incredible week at therapy and at home. His sessions at the hospital on Thursday and Friday were really, really good. He was doing literally everything the therapists were asking him to do, from raising his arm to lifting his leg, to saying yes and no with nods or shakes. On Friday when I was with him his therapist was most impressed when he kicked a ball as it was rolling to him- three times. He saw the ball coming and knew when to kick. That's a pretty high function cognitively.

Ian has been reaching out for things and people quite often. He's just communicating a lot better. He is consistently clearly shaking or nodding his head instead of blinking. Tonight I was thinking of how we've been praying that he would start eat more and show facial expression, because progress in those areas naturally leads itself to talking. Over the past few days, he has eaten something for every meal and has shown a lot of new facial expressions- including a lot of smiling (if you couldn't tell from the last pictures I posted.)

Something's changing in Ian. I hope he breaks through the surface of this soon. I have to guard my heart though, because everything could be different tomorrow.

thank you for praying,



Anonymous said...

Thank you Larissa for this update. This really encourages me to pray even harder.

Praying, praying, praying...
Vicki G.

Anonymous said...

Praying praying praying-

Anonymous said...

PRAISE GOD!!! This must be a wonderful Father's Day gift to you, Steve. May God continue to give you strength till Ian "comes back" to you all.
With continued prayers. Rene

Anonymous said...

Larissa, I was just amazed at the smiles I see in Ian's photos lately! And then I came home from a weekend away, and saw this latest post about some great progress. God is good and He is always working, even when that work is unseen. We love you, Terry

Anonymous said...

Totally Awesome! Love that smile! Keep working hard, Ian - the dance floor still waits.
Great is Thy Faithfulness!

Annie said...

Praise God for progress! Still praying. . .

Anonymous said...

Oh, Larissa, what an encouraging post! This is great!
Work hard, Ian! We are cheering and praying you on!
Thank You, Lord, for working in Ian! You hear and answer prayers! What a great God You are!!!

Still praying!

Mary Ann K.

P.S....curious...what kinds of food does Ian eat?

JennGrover said...

Thanks for the update - and for so faithfully updating us.

DianaPaisley419 said...

Oh Larissa, he looks so happy!
Praise God!

Rachel D said...

How exciting! Oh, I'll keep praying for you all.....may this be the beginning of the end of this trial!

Anonymous said...


I love God and many thanks for the wonderful news and for the beautiful pictures you have posted. It is so tremendously uplifting to hear all this good news. We will be out of the country for one month. Though I will be at a distance, please be assured that we will continue praying for Ian and for his full recovery.
Azad and family.

Anonymous said...

I have so enjoyed the pictures and the great encouraging update about how Ian is doing.
Praying for you all.
Wendy in Maryland

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news for all of you! May the Lord continue this healing and let it lead to Ian's "awakening"!

You are all such inspirations-even when you don't feel like you are!
The stregnth and courage you show to continue on is amazing! Thank You Lord for these amazing people!

Wendy, NC

Bernadine said...

Praise God for the awesome work he's doing in Ian!
Continuing in prayer.

Anonymous said...

Praising Him for His faithfulness and thank you so much to the updates and direction for prayer. Yes, our God is always good and working in ways we may never see! Keeping you all in my prayers!

Freeman said...

Your words convey a hopeful expression of the heart- I pray for you to be filled with faith. I know that God can do what we sometimes see as "impossible," so I'm going to keep praying for that.
Love, Steph

Anonymous said...

Dear Larissa,
Although we've never met, I feel that I know you well. Thank you so much for your transparency and faithfulness in giving updates on Ian to allow those of us that are praying "in the distance" to be informed. I've never written you before, but I pray for and check on Ian regularly. Carolyn McCulley is a dear friend and her Feb. 07? blog first introduced me to you and Ian.

I have wanted to send some encouraging words for some time - but words are so inadequate. I am thankful for the progress in Ian that is so obvious to those of us that are watching from the outside. Larissa, you all are being used to glorify God in more ways than you will ever know this side of eternity. There are probably many more "distant prayer warriors" like me that are lifting you up - that may never contact you. I know the physically and emotionally draining labor of those who care for a brain dammaged loved one - and I pray for strength, endurance, stability and times of refreshment for you, Steve & Mary.

I know that you are constantly walking in the grace of the Father. May you sense Christ's lifegiving presence in your darkest moments - because of Him and His resurrection power, we have all hope and confident assurance that He is at work to accomplish His purposes and they are good.
You have my love and prayers dear sister,
Kim Wagner I Peter 5:7,10

Anonymous said...

As I read your note tonight, I was filled with joy. I'm so excited for this improvement and delighted to know more of what I should be praying for.

Thank you for keeping us up to date. Thinking and praying for you both.

Meghan M.

Benjamin, Kelly, Madelyn, & Anderson said...

This is so exciting, Larissa! It must be wonderful to see that smile again. Continuing to lift you up in prayer. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. We are praying, praying, praying and we are strengthened by your growing and sustaining faith. God is with you today and always and there are so many lifting you all up for strength, wisdom, patience and more. God Bless
Diana B.