Jun 25, 2008

I See God

I see God in the way that Larissa has stayed with Ian through this. I don't know the future; I don't know what the Lord has for her. I wouldn't be at all bitter if she decided it was time to move on. I wouldn't at all begrudge her that course of action. But, right now, I see the Savior in her devotion. I know she's a sinful person created by God like me, and I know she's limited in her capacity for devotion...unlike God. Yet God allows her to reflect himself through her care and devotion for Ian.

God is limitless in his capacity to remain devoted to me though I don't deserve his care. I sin against him time and time again day after day, but the Bible says that his mercy never comes to an end. Even if I had never sinned against him, compared to God's infinite nature we're nothing that he should consider a treasure. Yet, that's exactly what the Bible says about those who have offered their feeble, limited devotion to him. "What is man that you are mindful of him or the son of man that you care for him?"

Larissa's devotion directs my attention to the Savior. It is a glimpse of Christ. If in saying this, I've caused your mind to dwell on her devotion, I've messed up. If in any of our posts we have directed attention to ourselves, we have messed up. When we see Larissa and Ian together, we should not be amazed by her devotion and love. Instead we should be pointed to Christ, amazed by His love for us and the miracle it is that we can reflect even a portion of that. Please don't insert comments in response to this post with high praises for her because this is not about her or myself or my family. It is a pirture of Christ's devotion to me. Christ's devotion to me as I reflect on it from the vantage point of heaven will no doubt take my breath away. I don't deserve it, but I'm amazed by it.

Thank you, Lord!



All 8 of Us said...

I read your blog regularly. Thank you for pointing us once again to Him and His amazing grace which not only sustains but equips!
Continuing to pray for Ian and all of you in the midst of these deep waters. Christ is being glorified~
kathi (From SGC in NJ)

Anonymous said...

Dear Steve,
How kind God is to give us tangible examples of His mercy and grace!
Imagine if He stopped that flow of mercy and grace to us for just a nanosecond...what darkness we would be in!
Thank you for pointing us to Him again.

Still Praying!

Mary Ann K.

Darryl & Donna Wenger, Laura, Liz, John & Emma said...

What a Savior!! What mercy God shows us...sinners, saved by Him alone. This reminds me that it is all about Him, and His glory...
...alone! He is God and there is no other. Thank you, Lord, that you have called us, you lead us, and you receive all glory!! You have truly set eternity in the heart of man. I am so happy to see Larissa reflecting that in her life, by Your grace! You are good, oh Lord!

RMyers said...

I am sure that for family and friends of Ian it has been a long and daunting road. However, as someone who just stumbled upon this blog today, I can say that I can see such a work of the Lord happening here!! If you go back to the first posts of desperation, fear and faith and move through time to the post of June, 2008, there have been so many little miracles!! It is only a matter of time before the BIG miracle happens!

Blessings, faith and prayers!

Anonymous said...

AMEN!!! Rene

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jesus! Your magnificence is beyond expression!

Linda (in Georgia) said...

I appreciate this post so much. And I totally agree with your sentiments exactly. Yes, we see God in how Larissa loves and cares for Ian. What a wonderful picture of the enduring mercy, grace, and love of our Savior. I have been able, by His grace alone, to see more of His heart toward me in my own interactions and relationships with my own children. If we would but still our hearts long enough, and truly listen to what the Spirit is saying (and watch what He is doing), then we will see even more examples of the Father's deep love for us.

Thank you for sharing this...and may the strong power of the Lord continue to strengthen each of you, and bring glory to His name!!!

N in NZ said...

Reminds me of Fanny Crosby's hymn about our Savior's devotion to us.

All the way my Savior leads me,
Cheers each winding path I tread;
Gives me grace for every trial,
Feeds me with the living Bread.
Though my weary steps may falter,
And my soul athirst may be,
Gushing from the Rock before me,
Lo! A spring of joy I see;

Anonymous said...

Makes me think of Jesus! Hope to see you soon, Eileen, Wayne and the kids

Bernadine said...

I see Christ in all of you, I know it's only because of him that you're able to do what you do so faithfully.
continuing in prayer

Anonymous said...

Very good point and I guess that is the mandate for all Christians....to see Christ in all our actions. Still praying, checking in and praising God for all things. Work hard Ian!!!

Minori Family

Lee & Jeannette Walti said...

I have thought this so many times Steve. It's a great model to all of us of Christ's devotion to us, unworthy sinners. It even reminds me of Hosea's love for Gomer. Though Ian's love is not like Gomer's, clearly Larissa's love is like Hosea's or Christ's which is only possible because of God's grace.
Coram Deo, Lee

Anonymous said...

amen, much grace.:)