Apr 8, 2008

What will happen tomorrow?

I don't understand how someone gets through an experience like this who isn't assured by Scripture that a caring, all-powerful God is ruling over all things. I don't understand how someone can just be optimistic without the bedrock promises from Scripture of God's favor. I have my questions and my struggles with why this happened. I wonder often what will happen tomorrow with Ian. What does someone in similar circumstances do who has no confidence of God's favor in their lives? If I looked only at our circumstances, I would be convinced we had lost favor with God and that nothing good would come of all this. But, I have to hide in the caves of Scripture's promises when each new wave in the storm of questions and grief batter me. How would anyone survive otherwise?



Drew said...

We have spent the last 21 years in a similar trial. There are times when God's goodness is completely hidden. There are times when it is laid out before us in astounding clarity. What has kept us from going crazy is remembering that he is good whether we see it or not. Having the vantage point of looking back on 21 years, the path we've travelled seems overflowing with good that we couldn't see when in the middle of it all.

We check in regularly and pray often for your family.

Audra Barrick said...

Bless this family and fill them with Your love. Remind them anew of your kindness, mercy, and grace. Wrap them in the arms of your tender care. Strengthen them for each day and make them a blessing to others so that Your glory may be displayed over the earth. Touch Ian with Your healing hand so that Your majesty may be exhalted. Thank you, Lord, for all the blessings You have poured on them so far through this journey.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

“How would anyone survive otherwise?”

It really makes you wonder doesn’t it Steve. I have thought of this also in our family’s ordeal with traumatic brain injury I firmly believe that they who do not have faith in the goodness of God become the grim statistics of TBI. It is a destroyer of individuals, spouses, siblings and friends. They survive in tragedy, grief, guilt and anger rather than blessing, joy, forgiveness and humility. If one looks at a tragedy as being a tragedy it will remain one, but if looked as a blessing they will be blessed. God’s blessings do not come to shield us from the tragedies of life but rather to deal with them in a glorious way.

God will bless

Minori Family

Anonymous said...

The Lord has gifted you to be able to accurately express what so many others struggle with and question and to bring it all back to God's Word (which will endure forever). It is grace and truth expressed which the Gospel of John tells us that Jesus was full of. He is infinitely kind to bring all of your estimations back to His truth and awareness of His boundless grace.
Pondering with you the riches of the fulness of His grace.......

Anonymous said...

…they don’t, Steve.
They may try to get by on their own strength or with the help and/or well wishes of family and friends. And they may even succeed…for a while. But, in their heart of hearts, they know that they have no control over the situation and they either lose hope or come to the realization that only the God of the universe can help them.
How much better for the Christians who know whatever happens, that their God is a kind, loving and good Father who sees, knows, cares and ordained all the days of our lives! That nothing that happens to us surprises Him, that no circumstance can make Him love us one bit less, that no sin of ours is greater than His forgiveness. That He is not a passive bystander, but constantly at work in His children, making them more like His Son.
You, my friend, are gold being refined by fire. In my flesh, I wish there were another way for you, an easier path. Or at least being able to read the last page of your story to see what the outcome will be. But, I know that your Redeemer lives and that you have entrusted all to Him!

Still Praying!

Mary Ann K.

Anonymous said...

Uncle steve,
Last vacation I remember a time when you were talking with a few of us cousins about how you couldn't imagine going through this trial without faith in God's sovereignty. Your words then stuck with me, and continually come to mind as I pray for Ian.

Thank you for sharing it on this blog. I pray that God uses it to enlarge our vision of His greatness.
I love you all!

Anonymous said...

As I hide in these caves with you, your brilliant metaphors remind me that His presence is the safest place in the universe. Still fervently praying for you and your family...Tony

j. said...

Personally, the choice for me was Christ or die. If the gospel was false, there was no reason for me to bear any inexplicable suffering and I was ready to end my life.

I'll never understand the price of grace.

Thank you for sharing. Praying, hurting, hoping and standing with you.

Anonymous said...

I have been praying for Ian since his accident. Last year when it happened my students (I teach 9th grade Bible) joined me. I hadn't involved the students this until eep looking up to Jesus and never stop expecting a miracle. God bless you as you all have blessed SO many! Love, Robin

Anonymous said...

Murphy family,

I want you to know that I still pray for Ian regularly. I still pray for all of you. I am encouraged by your trust in Lord. Our God is faithful.

Phyllis Paladin

Anonymous said...

AMEN to that Steve! Stay in that "Holding" pattern, The healing was given at Calvary! We just wait upon the Lord for the manifestation! I thank you all for this encouraging blog. My daughter attends IUP and Donna B has been my spiritual Mom for almost 30 years, so I pray with an added interest for you and your family! Ian looks good in the pictures! Love Barb J. Horsham, Pa