Mar 7, 2008

We Used the Ramp!

We sucessfully used our new ramp for the first time. The Versace's, a family from our church, had us over for dinner. It was really nice for Ian to be able to come too and of course it was a wonderful meal!

Ian has had an uneventful week as far as therapy. One of his therapists was on vacation so next week he will hopefully be walking again.

That being said, there's not a ton of news from this end. Thank you always for praying.



Sandy said...

Thanks for posting about the ramp and dinner out at the Ver????'s Spelling is not my thing. Truely the small things in our lives are the BIG things, because they are the fabric of our lives. Daily, simple, victories are the events that form and shape who we are. To see God on the Mountian is an Incredible see Him in the Mundane is Precious Intimacy.
Love you all,
Horse Lady

Sandy said...

To Ian
From Jeremiah
hi Ian i have been praying for you at school and at home. I hope you will get better and speak and walk. you need to come see the hroses you would like them . and i know lydia would like to see them.

Love Jeremiah