Mar 16, 2008

Thank you!!!

Thank you to all who blessed us financially prior to, during, and after the concert for Ian! It's been extremely helpful to have a source of funds to tap to get things to help him.

As Larissa mentioned in a previous post, we bought a much-needed ramp to get Ian into friends' homes. We're not very experienced at this, and after using the ramp we realized we'll need to get another smaller one for those not-so-unusual situations where we have to get over only one step.

I bought a handheld massager for him. It's a gizmo that will not only give him a pretty good massage, but it's something the therapists use to help relax his tight arms and get him to stretch out more.

I've also been working on an overhead pulley system that will provide him an exercise tool at home that the therapists use with him at the hospital. I've spent the last few days trying to figure how to imitate what they have there and collecting the hardware to make it happen at home.

Thanks, David, Stephen, Erich, Phil, and all of you who helped them, for taking the initiative to do the concert! We wouldn't have pursued the idea with so many other things we have to do, so it really was a blessing that you did it!

Pray for Ian.



Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone, happy birthday Larissa. It was comforting to see the recent picture of the three of you. With you every day in heart and prayers! Love you all, Eileen, Wayne and the children

Anonymous said...

Good post, Steve!
I'm sure you'll get those creative juices going and come up with just the right pulley system!

Still Praying!

Mary Ann K.