Mar 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Larissa!


Sandy said...

Oh Yea! Happy Birhday Larissa! You are one of my favorite BLessings from our Dear Savior. You mirror His Image in countless ways. I am honored to get a peek now and then at the Sweet Reflection.

Anonymous said...

A VERY Happy Birthday! May your day be blessed with much joy and love. I just called my aunt (who lives in New Mexico) and sang happy birthday to her. Be happy I can't sing it to you!!
Continued prayers, Rene (Latrobe)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, girlie! Hope you had a great day. You are our blessing from the Lord!
I love this picture of you and Ian. I'm praying to see him smile again soon.
Love you

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Larissa!

I hope that you felt God's love and care for you today, as well as all of our prayers! May this day be a blessed milestone as you look back on all of God's faithfulness! Imagine all the Grace to come!

Praying for you!


(the sovereign Grace church in Reading Pa)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to an awesome young woman! May God continue to give you many presents as he heals Ian as you walk thru life together!

Have a wonderful day and may God send smiles to you thru Ian's eyes!

You are a present to all of us!
Wendy Anzulewicz

Anonymous said...

Dear Larissa, Happy Birthday!. i wish for you a day that is filled with the Lord's goodness and mercy. I have never written to you; but I wanted you to know that I faithfully read your blog daily and pray for you and Ian and the Murphy's. I am a friend of the Halls and have met Ian and his family. You have been on my heart so much and I have prayed for you all daily since the accident. I wanted you to know that i am sure there are many of us blessed by what you write and might not have ever written.. I am so encouraged by your faith and honesty and your Love for our Lord and your humbleness before Him. Thank you for writing about your struggles and triumphs. i will continue to pray for strength and God's amazing grace for all of you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Larissa !!!
You are one day older than me as my birthday is 3/15!
...OK...make that about 25 years younger and one day older!

God Bless You, Dear!

Still praying!

Mary Ann K.

Anonymous said...

Dear Larissa,

I check your updates so often I just realized I missed your birthday on the 14th.

I just want to say that you have become a hero to me along with the Murphy's. There's so much depth and insight in your comments and theirs that it challenges me to step it up in the area of faith and total dependance & hope on the Lord. Any given day we know that God may decide to raise up Ian to his full capacity. What a day of rejoicing that will be! We will be exhilarated by God's compassion and power! To His GLORY may Ian be completely restored. No doubt the days must get so long and the wait excruciating so my prayer for you this birthmonth :) is that you have a renewed & exceptional surge of hope and resiliance with belief in a Father is able to do beyond what we ask or think. A work from God's hand is the gift in itself & I pray for Ian & his family (including you) that we will all stand amazed at the handiwork of a mighty and loving Father in heaven.
H A P P Y B I R T H M O N T H!
(That's a family thing with us.)
Most Sincerely,
Your sister in the Lord,
Sharon B. in Corpus Christi, Texas