Mar 1, 2008

Thank You.... everyone who made it to the concert last night. What a blessing to see so many people there even though I've never seen the roads so bad in Indiana! We were very blessed by the worship and time of prayer for Ian. It was incredible to overhear all of the prayers that were being asked of God while we sat in the church. Ian really seemed to enjoy the night too. He had a very content expression. I can only imagine how encouraged he was to hear those prayers as well.

Thank you for your generous giving- we will be able to buy a ramp and then some.

Thank you to our church family for your constant support. Last night was a very good example of how loved we are by our church and how blessed we are to be a part of it.

Thank you most of all Erich, David, Stephen and Phil. You all put so much work into the concert. Thank you for caring for Ian so much that you wanted to do this. While the concert was going on, I was looking at all of you on the stage and thinking of how each of you has had a significant impact on Ian's life. You all continue to serve and pray for Ian. Thank you for not giving up hope.

Have a great weekend everyone



thekimfamily said...

Larissa & the Murphys:

Thank you for letting us be a part of this!

It was such a sweet time to gather with everyone and pray for Ian. Even though the weather was poor, the fact that so many showed up (including those who came from out of state!) was incredible.

I think it's a small testimony of how affected we've all been by your faithful response.

We had a blast.


Anonymous said...

I was not able to make it because of the roads. I am glad that it went well. You were in my prayers all night.


Anonymous said...

I see you smiling while typing your post! Bless God!

Still praying!

Mary Ann K.