Feb 15, 2008

Well, here it is. The long-awaited current picture of Ian.
He looks just like he did a year and a half ago.
Ian's therapists were really happy with what he did today. He was in a standing machine and he was able to move and lift both of his legs. It took a lot of effort for him, but he did it. It's easy to see that he wants to start walking.
Thank you for praying


Becca said...

you were uniquely on my heart today. praying for you Larissa and Ian!

Anonymous said...

Ok maybe I am weird:) but I have watched the movie he made right before this happened, and you can tell from his eyes that he is in there.

Anonymous said...


WOW, thank you for posting Ian's picture, he really looks as he looked before the accident. It is really enlightening to see the steady progress that Ian has been making through the last year and half. You made my day Larissa, thanks for your spirit, thanks for your courage and thanks a lot for your faith. Thanks God for this good news. Continue to pray, God Bless.
Azad and family

Jean said...

Thank you so much for posting a current picture of Ian. It renews my faith to continue to pray.

(he looks good!!)
Jean (Nancy's friend)

Anonymous said...

Praise you Lord for the miraculous ways you have moved in this young man's life and in the lives of those around him! "The humble will see their God at work and be glad. Let all who seek God's help live in joy. For the Lord hears the cries of His needy ones; He does not despise His people who are oppressed." Psalm 69:32-33 Continuing to pray...
In Christ's love,
Chris P.

Anonymous said...

Great picture! Thanks! Great is Thy faithfulness.
Love you

Anonymous said...

Hi Larissa:

This is a great picture. It is good to see all that the Lord has done in his life. He is looking like himself.

Pray for you often

Anonymous said...

What a lovely couple! Thanks for posting the picture. What I see in his eyes is love and searching. Such good news that the made some steps! May he soon be walking and talking to all of you. Prayers continue.
Rene of Latrobe

thekimfamily said...

Larissa and Murphys,

Thanks for being so steadfast to share with us through the blog: updates, what God has been doing and teaching you, prayer requests, ups and downs, pictures, etc.

They are such good reminders of God's faithfulness and at the same time provoke us to pray diligently.

Ian, you're doing so great!! We praying for you!


Bernadine said...

Thanks for sharing, you and Ian make a lovely couple. I'll continue praying every day for Ian.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the picture. He looks good. I will continue to pray.

Anonymous said...

He's as handsome as ever!!! Keep up the hard work Ian! We're still praying!

videojen said...

thank you for this photo.

praying with you.
so often.

Kevin said...

Will you be fasting again this Wednesday? I'd like to join in.


Anonymous said...

I only visit Ian every 8 weeks or so but that makes it clearly evident how much he continues to improve. When I saw him last week he was doing things he couldn't do 6 weeks ago. My 4 year old (Ian's cousin) wants to know when he will speak to us and I tell her- confidently- that he's learning and he will. I am so impressed and proud of how hard he is trying to come back. I love him dearly.
(Aunt) Andrea

Anonymous said...

What a Joy and a reminder of God's faithfulness! "God is Good" ALL the time as DB would say. Continuing to pray and check on all of you daily.

PC challenged from Pa.
Thanks, Ben, for helping me post my comment

Anonymous said...

Handsome couple! There's LOVE, joy and Healing in those beautiful blue eyes! It's helpful to put a face to the prayers.

Anonymous said...

You are an excellant example of Christ, in His love, never giving up on us. Thank you for perserving in Him with Ian through this trial.

single/certain said...

you both are so good-looking! and wow, ian looks fantastic!

praying for all of you. oh, and completely inspired and humbled by your faith.

Anonymous said...

We'll keep praying! The Lord is near in the process.
The Donovans from MD

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photo. Keep fighting the good fight of faith. You all are our long distance heros! Still praying & thanking God for His Amazing Grace & your amazing child-like faith in Him!

~Pat & Karla Tumino & family
Akron OHIO

Anonymous said...

"Long-awaited" is right!
Why were you hiding this great looking couple from the rest of the world?
Thank you for your post, Larissa.
"It took a lot of effort for him, but he did it."
GO, IAN, GO!!!!
Don't ever give up! You have made SO much progress and we thank God for it and for YOU! If walking were based sheerly on effort, I know that you would be RUNNING! But, it involves your brain telling your legs what to do and you legs have to respond to your brain and do it. Keep working hard with your therapists, Ian. This is all to the glory of God! Just think of how many lives your are touching and how you are making ALL of heaven proud of your accomplishments in the physical and more so in the spiritual realm.

"Never give up!"
Winston Churchill

"You betcha!"
Myron Cope

"Still praying!"
Mary Ann K.

Anonymous said...

you guys are hot.

-matthieu and amber

Anonymous said...


its the morning and evening for today and i think it will bless you...


Carolyn said...

Amazing! Thank you for this picture. May the Lord do amazing things in the benefit concert, too. Can't wait to see what else the Lord has in store for you both. Your perseverance and commitment are God-honoring, Larissa. As is Ian's, for I am convinced he has noticed every bit of it.