Feb 19, 2008

An Example

This is the guy who should be an example to all of us. And it's not because of how natural he looks in that photo. David, Ian's best friend since the day they were born, has been such a faithful friend to Ian. He spends his lunch hour with Ian every day, he calls him when he is out of town, he faithfully prays for him. David still talks to Ian the same way that he did before the accident and he makes every effort to include Ian in things that he does on nights and weekends. David could've moved out of town as soon as he graduated but he has stayed in Indiana, and one of the main reasons is to be near to Ian. He desperately wants Ian to be healed. He hasn't forgotten Ian.

Ian, and all of us, are so blessed to have David in our lives. I hope to be that faithful of a friend. And David I know that someday Ian will be able to express to you how much he loves you and and he'll be able to get back at you for all of the annoying things you've done/said/sang to him:)
Thanks David. I see Christ in you!


Anonymous said...

We all have Jesus as our "..Friend that sticketh closer than a brother..." but, David, YOU sticketh pretty close, too!
I remember, David, when we worked the same night at the Christmas gift wrap booth a while back. You were a delight to work with! A little strange, but a delight nonetheless!
I remember seeing Ian and you at Livi's memorial in the school auditorium. At one point you were shaking his shoulders...sorta "horsing around"...and Ian looked up at you and looked really happy that you were just being yourself with him; just being his friend.
And remember when you were going to IUP and called me to interview me for a paper that was due the next day...and I answered your questions and asked you to give me a copy of the paper...and you never did? HA! Teasing! Didn't know that I had all of these memories of you tucked away, did you? ;-)
God bless you, David, for serving Ian as you do! (I'll bet you don't think it is serving at all...but it is!)

Still Praying!

Mary Ann K. a.k.a. "The Blog Hog"

sheep wanderer said...

Larissa...and the rest of Ian's family, you're not too far behind David yourselves if I may say so...truly what I've read from my little laptop in England all these months since I first found your blog has been a real inspiration of truly serving and being faithful and Christ would be...

Thank you all for demonstrating that so that even people 9hours across the sea from you are spurred on to imitate such a love and devotion in their lives also.

God bless and will be praying for the concert.

Liz, UK